Carhartt Men’s ‘k87’ Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt (k87nvy) 63

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Price was 12. I purchased a few ot the short sleeved pocket tshirts as i have really liked the long sleeved versions. Good quality as carhartt always delivers although, i have noticed the quality go down somewhat over the years as they are making the majority of their workwear off shore now (this is the same issue with other brands i wear as well so not unique to carhartt). Prices are still higher compared to some other workwear lines, but i have no problem paying more if they are made in the usa and great quality. What happened carhartt? i would still recommend these as they fit nice, if not a little on the large side and appear to be the same quality as my long sleeved pocket t's. I like the longer length as they do not ride up on you as a regular tshirt does.

-P. Ruby

Men’s ” workwear pocket short-sleeve carhartt’s short sleeve work wear pocket t-shirt is an all-purpose work shirt that is perfect in warm weather or for layering when it gets cold. made of 6. 75-ounce, cotton jersey -carhartt men’s ‘k87’ workwear pocket short-sleeve t-shirt

  • Supplementary: Generously Cut Sizing, Tends To Run Big.
  • Supplementary: Made In Multiple Countries (do-dominican Republic, Gt-guatemala, Hn -honduras, Ht-haiti, Mx- Mexico, Vn- Vietnam).

Price Cut Carhartt Men’s ‘k87’ Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt (Shirt) K87

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The carhartt men's big & tall workwear pocket short-sleeve t-shirt fits like it should, it is very high quality, looks great after washing and is long enough to keep tucked in. They fit big guys very well and keep our backsides covered even when bent over or squatting. The Best mens workwear pocket shortsleeve ( Sep 2019 ) | Carhartt Sportswear Mens-Shirt Review Supplementary Carhartt Men's 'K87' Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt 100% cotton (60% cotton /40% polyester - carbon heather, dark cobalt blue heather) (90% cotton/10% polyester - heather grey)(99% cotton/1% polyester - ash). Generously cut sizing, tends to run big. Made in multiple countries (do-dominican republic, gt-guatemala, hn -honduras, ht-haiti, mx- mexico, vn- vietnam). Left-chest pocket with sewn-on carhartt label. Machine wash warm - like colors .

Carhartt Men's 'k87' Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt Review (k87nvy)

I don't know about the person you're buying this for, but these were for my husband. Big guy (2x) who isn't exactly gentle on his clothes. These tend to hold up better than any other shirts i've found. Definitely worth the money. Seams are constructed well, good heavier-than-t-shirt material, washes without fading. I only dry clothes on medium, so i can't comment on shrinkage - but that's the reason i dry anything but jeans and towels on medium. Very happy with our purchase, and since these are hard to find around here, will definitely buy again! -N. Heidi

Carhartt K87 Workwear Short Sleeve T Shirt

Product Dimensions
Height:2.00 inches
Length:13.00 inches
Weight:3.00 pounds
Width:13.00 inches
Carhartt Sportswear - Mens
Part/Serial Number

men's '' workwear pocket short-sleeve Apparel, Carhartt's short sleeve work wear pocket t-shirt is an all-purpose work shirt that is perfect in warm weather or for layering when it gets cold. made of 6. 75-ounce, cotton jersey knit and features a rib-knit collar and a left chest pocket. also been designed with side-seamed construction to minimize twisting and maximize comfort. ash fiber content is cotton / 137 polyester. heather gray fiber content is cotton / 1037 polyester. 6. 75-ounce cotton, mid weight left chest pocket side-seamed construction Carhartt Men's 'k87' Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt (K87-Carhartt).

Carhartt K87 Workwear Short Sleeve T Shirt Apparel

  • This is a nice heavy duty 't' shirt which is comfortable to wear. While the fit is right for me (i'm 5' 7" and ordered the size large-tall), i would have liked it if it was just an inch or two longer although it is longer than my normal 't's. My only letdown would have to be how quickly the color faded. It seemed that just after the 3rd wash, the fading was already noticeable. While i have no problems wearing it around the house or the ranch, i don't think i would feel comfortable wearing it around town due to the degree of fading as, for me, it's now in my ranch t-shirt - working - stack.
  • The carhartt shirts are great but a bit pricey compared to hanes beefy t's which i bought in the same week. I could get 3 of those shirts which are very similar for the price of one carhartt t-shirt. That being said the carhartt shirts are a better quality. The stitching all the way to material are better. They sell this shirt as a work shirt but for working i would rather wear the hanes as the carhartt shirts i wouldn't want to get paint and such on. I wear them as sort of a dress t shirt. If you have a bit of a belly the carhartt gives more room around the waist. A real comfortable fit. I have to sort of stretch the bottom of the hanes shirts for them to fit as well around the mid section. I would have given them a 5 star rating but for price. They are better than the hanes beefy t but not 3 to one better.
  • I read in another review hat these shirts are different depending on where they were made. Sure enough they are. Shirts i bought at a store 2 years ago that i loved and fit great and were nice and thick were made in honduras. Same "k87". Bought a few of these in different colors and they were made in guatemala. They definitely don't fit the same and are not as heavy duty. Come on carhartt!
  • I admit that i read the reviews of horrible consistency but the main review i read was posted in 2013 and i stupidly believed carhartt might have listened in two years. Boy was i ever wrong! sadly i also read far too many of the perhaps bogus fake reviews that have infected online store and hit the purchase now button. Dumb, really really dumb. D'oh. . On october 22, 2015 i ordered three original fit k-87 t-shirts all on the same order and all came in one package. Here is what i got. . Burgundy k-87 t-shirt - made in mexico. Tan k-87 t-shirt - made in haiti. Charcoal k-87 t-shit - made in honduras. . None of these shirts fit like the other & none of them are the same weight cloth. This is a ridiculous joke. This is my absolute last carhartt purchase. I keep waiting for the candid camera guy to poke around the corner and tell me this was just a joke or that i wake up from the bad dream. Sadly i am awake, and this is what a once good name, carhartt, has become, a pathetic joke. . It is a shame the failings of america, or rather race to the bottom, have now impacted carhartt too. If i had wanted to gamble i would have gone to vegas. Sad, very, very, very sad. Carhartt you should be ashamed at this horrifically inconsistent crap you foist upon us! . . Three shirts, three countries, you can't make this crap up. !
  • I've bought half a dozen of these k87 shirts over the past 2 years, and have liked the fit and feel of the material. I bought 2 last week and don't like them at all. The material is too stiff so not only doesn't feel good against the skin, but also doesn't drape properly so that it looks like a bag. These two say they were made in haiti. The shirts that i've liked have been made in honduras or guatemala. I won't continue to buy this shirt if they continue to be made like this.

mens workwear pocket shortsleeve Carhartt Men's 'K87' Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Feeling like a sexy well dressed professional. . The look, the smell, the style, the swagger, it's all there when i'm dressed in carhardts. These were a perfect match for my physique. The colors are bold, yet subtle. The client reaction to my persona when approaching dressed in these is apparent. If you want to set the stage, these products are emmy award winning for getting the job done topped with a smile and a tool belt.

Carhartt Men's 'k87' Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt
Click to see NoticeCarhartt Men's 'k87' Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt (k87nvy)"Carhartt's are the staple for my husband's wardrobe. He has to have the one pocket. He is a contractor who works in and outside, they get years of wear. He has two drawers of them. The good ones and then the stained ones. They last so long it takes years before he turns them into rags! i like that i can get them in tall!"

(0) Question: If i buy two pieces of t-shirts, i wonder that product is sended in one package. and if so, i wonder the shipping weight.

(1) Question: Do this shirt shrink in wash? i bought mine m and it fits too big now.

(2) Question: So heres the real question where are they made?

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Carhartt Men's Signature Logo Short-Sleeve Midweight Jersey T-Shirt K195

Truly one of the classics. This t-shirt is made of 6. 75-ounce, 100 percent cotton jersey knit and offers an original fit, is a rib-knit crewneck, has side-seamed construction that minimizes twisting , has a tag less neck label and the carhartt signature logo printed on chest and back neck.

Carhartt Men's Signature Logo Short-Sleeve Midweight Jersey T-Shirt K195Carhartt-Signature-Short-Sleeve-Midweight-K195

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Brown
Size :    Large Tall
Weight :    0.80 pounds
Model :    K195
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Signature Logo Short-Sleeve Midweight Jersey T-Shirt K195 available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Signature Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Truly one of the classics. this t-shirt was build to handle whatever the day throws at it.

Carhartt Men's Signature Logo Short Sleeve T-ShirtCarhartt-Signature-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt

Brand :    carhartt
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Signature Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Original fit
  • Side-seamed construction minimizes twisting
  • Carhartt signature logo printed on chest and back neck
  • Tag less neck label
  • Rib-knit crewneck

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve Henley Original Fit Shirt K84

Carhartt's short sleeve workwear henley is an all-purpose work shirt that is perfect in warm weather or for layering when it gets cold. It and rsquo, s made of 6. 75-ounce 100 cotton jersey knit henley and features a rib-knit collar with a three-button closure and a left chest pocket. It and rsquo, s also been designed with side-seamed construction to minimize twisting and maximize comfort. Ash fiber content is 99 cotton/1 polyester. Heather gray fiber content is 90 cotton/10 polyester. Three-button closure left chest pocket side-seamed construction

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve Henley Original Fit Shirt K84Carhartt-Workwear-Pocket-Original-K84

Brand :    carhartt
Size :    One Size Tall
Model :    K84
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve Henley Original Fit Shirt K84 available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Truly one of the classics. this t-shirt was build to handle whatever the day throws at it.

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-ShirtCarhartt-Workwear-Pocket-Sleeve-T-Shirt

Price :    —
  • Original fit
  • Tag less neck label for comfort
  • Left-chest pocket with sewn-on carhartt label
  • Rib-knit crewneck
  • Side-seamed construction minimizes twisting
Brand :    carhartt
Model :    K87
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Original Fit K87

1 on the job carhartt workwear short - sleeve pocket t - shirt! as good at workin' hard as it is at loungin' around! sounds a lot like you, eh? thick, durable 6. 75-oz. , 100% cotton construction stands up to rough jobsite abuse, while the jersey knit keeps things cool and breathable. Genuine carhartt comfort and lasting quality. Side-seam construction means no twisting or bunching. 3-button rib-knit collar, left chest pocket. Tagless neck label for comfort. Machine wash / dry. Imported. State color and size. Order yours today! men's carhartt workwear short-sleeve pocket t-shirt, tall

Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Original Fit K87Carhartt-Workwear-Short-Sleeve-Original-K87

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Blue
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    K87
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Original Fit K87 available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Maddock Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

This nifty shirts provides a handy chest pocket for glasses or a pen and is made from 5-ounce, 100 percent ring-spun cotton jersey knit and has a relaxed fit, is a rib-knit crewneck, has rolled forward shoulders which enhances comfort, side-seamed construction which minimizes twisting and a tagless neck label.

Carhartt Men's Maddock Pocket Short-Sleeve T-ShirtCarhartt-Maddock-Pocket-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt

Brand :    carhartt
Model :    101125
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Short-sleeve t-shirt in solid tone featuring ribbed crew neckline and chest pocket with carhartt logo patch
  • Side-seamed construction minimizes twisting
  • Relaxed fit
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Maddock Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Force Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt Relaxed Fit

Carhartt force short sleeve t-shirt sweat and stains have met their match force fabric wicks away sweat and releases stains with stain breaker technology. Made of 5. 75 ounce, 65% cotton/35% polyester plaited jersey knit with raglan sleeves and a relaxed fit. Carhartt force short sleeve t-shirt sweat is about to lose its wet in carhartt s force comfortable cotton short-sleeve t-shirt. Constructed of 5. 75 ounce, 65% cotton/35% polyester plaited jersey knit, it wicks away moisture so you can work dry. It also offers a stain-release finish so it s ready to get back to work after every wash. Raglan sleeves increase range of motion, and a left-chest pocket is perfect for small tools, glasses or pens. A tagless neck label eliminates chafing and smooth flatlock seams add comfort. Built carhartt-strong with triple-stitched main seams, the t-shirt also features force labeling on its left sleeve.

Carhartt Men's Force Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt Relaxed FitCarhartt-Cotton-Sleeve-T-Shirt-Relaxed

Price :    —
  • Carhartt's moisture-wicking, stain-resistant tee offers better range of motion thanks to the raglan sleeve design.
  • Pocket with logo
  • Crew neck
  • Short sleeves
Brand :    carhartt
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    100410
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Books 1973 And Later (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Force Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt Relaxed Fit available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Workwear Midweight Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve T-Shirt K126

I love carhartt shirts the price was better than the local carhartt retailer and delivered to the door. Great value for the money very high quality and great fit. I highly recommend them. Will be buying more in the future.

The workwear pocket long sleeve t-shirt. Wear it as a layer, wear it by itself, wear it with pride. It's as rugged and dependable as your favorite hammer offering 6. 75-ounce, 100% cotton jersey knit, a generous left-chest pocket, side-seamed construction to minimize twisting and crew neck comfort.

Carhartt Men's Workwear Midweight Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve T-Shirt K126Carhartt-Workwear-Midweight-Long-Sleeve-K126

Carhartt Men's Workwear Midweight Jersey Pocket Long-sleeve T-shirt K126 (k126chr) FAQ.

My husband loves these carhart shirts. We happened to get one for a $1 at a local thrift store-obviously a fluke. He works-manual labor-and the shirt has lasted three years! i have never seen a shirt last that long on my husband. Almost any shirt runs at least $15. These shirts are worth every penny. I got these for my husband for his birthday-he hasn't wanted to wear anything else since i got them! :) will for sure be purchasing some more. Thanks so much for a quality product that looks great and lasts. And lasts! in reading other reviews i thought i ought to mention that i ordered a hunter green and royal in the short sleeve carhart shirts. They were both 100 percent cotton and made in honduras. They did shrink slightly in the wash-but not much. Also these xx large shirts are the size of the triple x in other shirts. Since these are workwear shirts-and that is what my husband wants them for-he was plenty happy with the size as they have plenty of room for maneuvering. After wash, the 2xl is 31 and 1/2 inches from back of neck to bottom of shirt. Across it measures slightly over 28 inches. Just thought i'd add this for any help it may offer. They are great shirts-still lasting well. And hubby doesn't like to wear anything else. -Notice from M. Stacey, Michigan

Click to Show carhartt men's workwear midweight jersey pocket long-sleeve t-shirt k126 (k126chr) Details

A little large but that's great since it shrinks ever so slightly when laundered. Nice, heavy shirt. Pocket is nicely stitched to prevent tearing.

Carhartt-men's-workwear-midweight-jersey-pocket-long-sleeve-t-shirt-k126-(k126chr) set picture

- C. AngelaGreat cooler weather long sleeve t-shirts. Go great with jeans. They will shrink a tad over time- would suggest washing in cold water and drying on medium. They are sized large by today's standards- i normally wear an xxl but xl works fine in these. Not too loose around the neck which i like a lot and looks much sharper. I've never had issues about different batches being sized differently. I own 5 of these and several of the long sleeve henley tees. The henley tees are more versatile and probably fit the bill as an actual "work t-shirt" but i think the straight long sleeve tee looks better.

In my opinion, this is one of those shirts you'll want to wear all day and never get rid of. Tough enough for a day outside doing yard work, yet comfortable enough to lounge around in all day or wear out on the town. Goes well with my jeans and khakis; cool enough to roll the sleeves up and wear with some shorts too. The shirts run about one size bigger and is longer than your typical shirt, but this helps because you can layer underneath for colder conditions. I'll buy these until they quit making them. Overall they're an excellent value.

U. Nellie, Merton

Price :    —
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Original fit
  • Long-sleeve t-shirt in midweight jersey featuring spade patch pocket at chest with logo tag
Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Grey
Size :    Medium
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    K126
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Workwear Midweight Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve T-Shirt K126 available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Long-Sleeve Henley Shirt

Carhartt's long sleeve work wear henley is an all-purpose work shirt that is perfect for cooler days or as a layering piece made of 675-ounce, 100-percent cotton jersey, it features a rib-knit collar with a three-button closure and a left chest pocket it also has side-seamed construction to minimize twisting and maximize comfort ash fiber content is 99-percent , 1-percent polyester heather gray fiber content is 90-percent cotton , 10-percent polyester

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Long-Sleeve Henley ShirtCarhartt-Workwear-Pocket-Long-Sleeve-Henley

Brand :    carhartt
Size :    One Size Tall
Model :    K128
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Apparel (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Long-Sleeve Henley Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Contractors Work Pocket Polo Original Fit K570

The innovative left-chest pocket contractor's work pocket and trade, blended-pique polo gives it extra utility. On the pocket, a unique silo holds pens, glasses or tools firmly in place as you work. Comfortable, too, it the shirt features a no-roll, rib-knit polo collar with three-button front, square bottom with side vents, and open, non-banded sleeves for increased range of motion. Offered in an original fit, it s constructed of 5. 5-ounce, 35 percentage polyester or 65 percentage cotton pique knit in a color-fast fabric with stain-release finish.

Carhartt Men's Contractors Work Pocket Polo Original Fit K570Carhartt-Contractors-Pocket-Original-K570

Brand :    carhartt
  • Original fit
  • Open, non-banded sleeves for increased range of motion
  • No-roll rib-knit polo collar
  • Color-fast fabric with stain-release finish
Price :    —
Model :    K570
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Contractors Work Pocket Polo Original Fit K570 available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's 'k87' Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt (k87nvy) Price : 12, was : 0 as 2018-01-30
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If i could give 10 stars, i definitely would because you just can't beat these shirts for durability, comfort, and correct fit! my son, who is in construction, has worn these for years. He is 6'4" and has very broad shoulders, which makes it difficult to find a brand that fits. The 2xl tall fits him perfectly. When you find a product that works for your needs, you stick with it, which is exactly what we have done. Originally we ordered them from the carhartt company, but for the past several years we've ordered them exclusively from online store. I have numerous health problems preventing me from doing the "brick and mortar" shopping thing, but after discovering online store 12 years ago, i can now keep up with the most avid shoppers! not once have i ever been disappointed in their service. This wife, mama, and nanna loves her some online store!

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(0) Question: "i'm 6'3, 220 pound which size should i get? large or xlarge ? "

(1) Question: Does xx-tall fit like a xxxl?

(2) Question: How many ounces of cotton?

(3) Question: How many t-shirts are there? 1 or more?

(4) Question: Carhartt web page shows heavyweight 6. 7 ounce. are these heavyweight tshirts also?

(5) Question: 키 172에 64키로인데 칼하트k87us핏은 s입으면 잘맞았거든요? k87 us핏 s사이즈랑 가장 비슷한 사이즈는 뭔가요?

(6) Question: Does anyone know the difference between the workwear carhartt and the "k87" carhartt t-shirts?

(7) Question: I ordered the xxl but my boyfriend wanted the 2xl, is there that much of a difference?

(8) Question: How it's the t-shirt?

(9) Question: My husband is 5 9 and 160 lbs he usually wears a l , do these run big or should l be okay?

(10) Question: Each time i buy a new set of these shirts, the fabric is different. anyone experience this? great shirts, just strange lack of fabric consistency.

(11) Question: Why does this product run so big if it's original fit? this is my second return due to the size.

(12) Question: 'carhartt brown' and 'brown' , what is different?

(13) Question: Im 5'8 130, s or m?

(14) Question: Whats the difference between 3x tall and 3x lagre?

(15) Question: Whats the difference between brown and carhartt brown? it shows the same picture for both.

(16) Question: What's with the big goofy label on the pocket? has anyone tried taking it off?

(note) Question: where/how to get Carhartt (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Carhartt's products

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This was just was i was hoping for when i ordered. I feel like buying clothes online can be a bit dicey when it comes to fit, especially if it's something you haven't purchased previously. . The fit on these upon first wearing was just what i wanted, just a little baggy for my body, but likely will snug up a bit on first washing. The length was good as well, and i'm hoping it doesn't shrink too much lengthwise (i have a long torso). . The quality of the fabric is what i would expect from carhartt. They feel very solid and should last a good long while. . I'm certainly planning to pick up a few more once i've had a chance to re-wear, as i just washed them for the first time yesterday. If the length changed too much for me, i'll simply go for the tall cut of the shirt.

Bestsellers, ShirtTop Carhartt Men's 'k87' Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt (k87nvy) FAQ Content

Best carhartt men's 'k87' workwear pocket short-sleeve t-shirt (k87nvy) in review

I couldn't be happier with this purchase, no problems at all and i bought around 20 shirts since they were $15 in my size. My local bass pro shop charges $35 per shirt, so i stocked up. Just for reference, i'm 6'4", 160lbs. And wear xxl normal size but also a l tall. The size difference is huge between l tall and xl tall, but xxl and l tall are about the same. In short, it's important to know what size you are when ordering online. The xl tall shirts i ordered are going to my dad, they're way too big for me. The seller is great, fast shipping and no problems as long as you know what size you need.

Z. Reed, Prince Edward Island

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J. Lorenz, Georgia says

- the only tee i have worn for the last 10 years and the only tee i will wear. Not made of cheap ring-spun or thin crappy cotton-poly blends (except 2 - see last sentence for which two), but real man's heavy weight 100% cotton. Colors are pretty much fade-resistant, i am not as skinny as the models they use, so i appreciate the generous length and size (xl fits like x1/2xl). I have washed mine accidentally in warm water and they did not shrink. But it is possible they they will shrink between 2% to 4% over the life time. Ha! what's a lifetime in the life of a tee? i still wear my k87's from 10 years ago. . The k87 model is what i bought and it is a heavyweight 6. 75-ounce, 100% cotton jersey knit with the exception of the color heather grey that is made of 90% cotton/10% polyester; and the color ash 99% cotton/1% polyester.

. Theola, Lewisham

This is my husband's new favorite t-shirt. We tried one out for size and then purchased several of the following colors: army green, bluestone, charcoal and dark brown in 3xl tall. The ones we purchased are all made in guatemala and the fabric is heavy, with a very nice finish. The tall length is about 6 to 8 inches longer in the body and several inches longer in the sleeves than his old regular length t-shirts. At 6'2" tall, these t-shirts are perfect for him and we hope they will continue to be available for a long time.

K. Eleanor, New Mexico says

You'd think this was my husband's uniform as that's all he'll wear. I restocked in sept 2015 and a couple of them are now just looking a bit tired. They wash well, hold their color and don't shrink. Husband's happy - me, not so much - i'm just tired of seeing him in the same shirt, different color, ad nauseam.

S. Marguerite, Georgia

So happy to find a big a tall line! i will say these are some of the best work shirts my husband has ever gotten. The neck line keeps its shape even after 2 years! the color washes out a small amount but stays much better then most shirts! also it doesn't shrink so i can finally dry his t-shirts in the dryer! one thing that i do want to note it these are very long! my husdand is 6'5" but we got them hemmed 2" and they still fit on long side given i know they last years its well worth it to get them hemmed! if i could give more stars i would!

E. Brenda, Minnesota says

I am very happy with the t-shirt, the fit is as expected, normally i wear a large but knowing carhartts run big i ordered a medium and it is just right. The weight of the fabric is sturdy yet comfortable. It is nice and long so it stays tucked in. Carhartt is a quality company and it shows in their products. I will be ordering more now that i am certain of the size. Thank you!

. Anonymous, Solihull

These run long. Make no mistake! i bought these for conceal carry, to hide a handgun. I bought some duluth long tail tee's before these, and they were a bit too long. These are every bit as long. They will shrink a bit, but not much. Great shirts otherwise. Heavy duty, made very well. The cotton seems a bit stiffer than the duluth, but that is just fine. Just ordered the regular fit. But all in all, great, tough tee shirts.

. Anonymous, Brandenburg says

I love these shirts but cannot get over how disappointing the inconsistencies are. You play this lotto where you hope its made in honduras or guatemala because the ones made in haiti are too small. So far the ones i've purchased from online store are made in guatemala, thus they fit. I have several that i cant wear that i've bought elsewhere that were made in haiti and are useless. Carhartt should put an end to this.

R. Edith, Virginia

If you're a big guy like me (5 10' - 315 lbs) the 3xl if you like a good fit, or 4xl if you dont mind the shirt being a little longer, wont disappoint you. These shirts fit extremely well for big dudes like me. I personally love this brand for the fit, this t-shirt in particular. The sleeves have a nice length too, for a short sleeve t-shirt

W. McCarthy, Wisconsin says

This is the only t-shirt my spouse will order or wear! they fit! there are many color choices. The colors stay the same through many, many washings. It would be a close race between the shirt wearing out or the color fading. They wear and wear and wear - through many a sweaty and dirty workman days and washings to go with those dirty jobs. They are stain resistant. They do not shrink. I wish all our clothes were made as well as these t-shirts. I would recommend these t-shirts to anyone!

F. Alberta, Peterborough

I go through at least 8 to 10 t-shirts a year from wear. Spend the money and buy carhart. I've bought hanes, fruit of the loom and gildan over the years. Carhart seem to last longer being made of thicker fabric and better stitching. I have one carhart t-shirt that i've worn at least once if not twice a week for the last 4 1/2 years. It is still wearable with no stitching coming undone or the fabric thinning out.

G. Angelica, Sutton says

I'm tall and i'm willing to pay a little more to get a shirt that fits. These shirts imho seem to fit a little larger than other large-tall shirts. That's good for me. I tend to be somewhere in between a large and x-large so the extra fit is a good thing. They're made of heavier than usual material for a t-shirt which i also like. I'd recommend these shirts.

. Stacey, Kent says

I wear t-shirts while working in the garage and barn, on my tractor and cars, and am constantly snagging and ripping them, getting them covered with paint and burning holes in them with battery acid. My shirts take a beating, and don't last very long. So far these appear to be much heavier/durable fabric than any other t-shirt i've ever owned. They should hold up well, although for now i'm trying to be somewhat gentle on them as they are "nice" compared to my others. After trying one, i bought several more. Based on the fabric and construction, i expect them to hold up well.

Q. Juliana, Bromley

I ordered this shirt for my son who is 6'6" tall. It is hard to find shirts long enough for him that aren't way too wide, but this one fits him really well. He has this shirt (or a similar carhartt) in a couple of colors and wears them all the time. It is a good quality shirt and didn't shrink much in the drier. I would recommend this shirt. I paid full price for this item and have no relationship with the seller. I bought this shirt solely for my son's personal use.

. Parker, Bedfordshire says

Ok, it's not a designer shirt but it's a very well made t-shirt for wearing around the house (i m not a smoking jacket kind of guy) and to the local big box hardware store. My wife still requires me to wear a "real" shirt when we go out. The xl size fits me a bit loosely and very comfortably. It seems to run a bit large but that's just fine with me for summertime, i don't want a snug shirt when it's hot and humid outside, particularly with this shirt which is made from a thicker fabric than most t-shirts. Fyi: the "ash" color shirt is a buck cheaper and now i know why-it's a little thinner material than the other carhartt k87 shirts. That's ok with me but they should mention that in the description. The carhartt logo sewn onto the pocket seems too prominent so i'll try razor-blading them off the shirt. I think i'll get some of their long-sleeve henley shirts when the weather cools later in the year.

A. Gilmore, Queensland

These have to be the best fitting most comfortable and longest lasting t's ever. The only thing i want to make them 5 star is getting rid of that stupid emblem on the pocket. Just make it embroidered on the arm in the same color as the t, or if nothing else make it just the very bottom of the emblem with the carhartt part. Right now it's just too pronounced and ugly.

X. Sherry, Telford and Wrekin says

If your guy is tough on clothes. You know, he has one token clean shirt on a marginally clean pair of jean without caulk, grease, etc all over them for "date nite" then these shirts are for those guys. Fit great! look great when they are clean. Can withstand lots of abuse. Last time i bought a cathartic shirt for hubby was a good 5 years ago. He has about 6-8 tees that all look something that are not even fit for the rag bag, that he wears regularly. Those shirts are thread bare with various rips. The carhart still has good material density after 5 years but the neck and shirt tail are definitely worn. It seems stains come out a little easier too. That's not right, the stains don't set as fast on a carhart tee as they do like on a hanes. Don't know if it the tighter fabric weave or special finish. We love them.

O. Mahood, Utah

These shirts are good quality. I've always owned carhartt bibs and jackets. I when i found these on online store i thought i'd try them. They are bigger than the sizing leads you to believe. I wear an xl in every brand, but when i ordered xl in this one, it was more like a xxl. The product tag says these are designed for workers to have room to move. I must have overlooked that in the product ad, so it's on me about the sizing. . I'm always in need of good quality pocket work shirts and these fit the bill perfectly. The are 100% cotton and are heavy weight material. I should have chosen a lighter colors too. As these tend to be a little hot in the sun. These will be perfect in the winter time. . These washed up great without having any issues with the seams or material. They didn't shrink very much, if at all. My wife washed them in warm water as the label instructed.

. Guest, Iowa says

This is a great shirt for the price. It has a pocket which is getting hard to find. Good quality material. It is long on me but i like it that way and finally a t shirt that fits my arms correctly. The sleeves come down to my elbow which i want. I normally wear a large but the lt is great. I will be ordering more.

L. Pete, Australian Capital Territory

This is our second order of this shirt. Bought an x-large/tall, which is my hubby's size. The shirt is a bit larger than other shirts he has in this size, but he's content with it, so we didn't send it back. Well made shirt. Happy with the purchase. Not overpriced. Recommended. Also happy with their work pants. Bought a pair for my son who works in retail and is not allowed to wear jeans. He was wearing dockers, but they were not durable enough for kneeling on the floor and stacking shelves. We like this company, and will be making more carhartt purchases!

M. Florence, Trafford says

Nice heavy shirts with a little bit of variation in size. I typically wear an xl in classic crew neck t-shirts (3 packs) and the carhartt large fits well. (i'm 6'-3" and 210) the regular fits my torso but the long gives that extra bit of protection to keep it in when working out or playing hard. I typically wear these under a buttoned shirt and can put my cell phone in the pocket without stretching out the collar. I have roughly a dozen of these and there is a little variation from shirt to shirt but i find that to be the case in most shirts once they have been washed, folded and worn. (short of having them ironed and folded :)

Y. Yvette, Illinois

These shirts are awesome but they do run very large. I would recommend getting one size larger (or even two sizes) than what you normally wear. I tried the xl and it was waaaay too big . The large is good for me as i like baggy clothes. I'm sure i would be fine in a medium too. These shirts are very thick and will last a very long time. The feel is very comfortable. I am planning on buying more.

I. Mary, Tower Hamlets says

My son started wearing carhart pants to work years ago and he swore by them, so i tried them out and now i swear by them too. This year i finally tried the tee's and i now swear by these as well. They fit right, they wear right, they are right (i should get paid for writing ad copy). They are the best shirts, period.

B. Judith, Virginia

Pocket is deep enough to be useful and keep stuff from falling out. Fabric is heavy and gets softer after washed several times. Made of durable material and has generous length. This is the only pocket t-shirt i buy now. I've got 8 of 'em so probably won't need any more for several years.

U. Sarah, Ontario says

Long enough for my six foot three husband very hard to find and still get nice fit. I took a huge chance due to bad reviews, ratings ? can't really be counted much it seems these days at online store in general. However my brother in law works as a linemen up in the high wires and weather and said i should give it a go. I'm glad i did. He was spot on about the quality and well in my husbands case the fit to. I purchased the red and a nice blue color. I purchased a xxtall i hope it helps.

Top /carhartt k87 workwear short sleeve t shirt Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Q. Broyles, Wisconsin says

I purchased 44 waist and 32 length . After washing these fit like a 42 waist and 30 length. This is the first time i purchased this style of carhartt pant. This is the first time i've had any issues with any carhartt product.

. Michele, Idaho

This was baggy/long for a 2xlt and the short sleeves felt too long as well, these proportions were designed by or for gaunter fellows than i (6'6", 42x36 pant). . Good quality fabric tho

S. Melissa, Tameside says

Disappointed in the carhartt name. Older t shirts are much heavier. These were supposed to be 6. 75 heavy workwear. These are not as heavy and durable as others.

T. Watson, Plymouth

Runs incredibly large. I normally wear a small or medium in men's shirt and this is like an xl not exaggerating. Material is good quality though so that's why two stars. I will be returning.

X. Tracey, Florida says

This is the only t-shirt that i wear, actually the only shirt that i wear. Ever. . Buying a new batch to replace ten or so that are worn out, i noticed that some old ones are made in mexico, some are made in honduras and some are made in haiti. As such the fit is different from each factory, the fabric is a different weight, stretch, softness. And more importantly the sizing and proportions are different. The shirts from mexico are noticeably too wide than the others in the waist. . This kind of inconsistent quality of construction and pattern is why i am now on a search. Nay, a quest to find a new go-to work/everyday wear t shirt. . I no longer trust the carhartt brand to deliver consistent fitment. As all companies seem more interested in producing a pleasing product to display nicely on a store shelf, carhartt too seems more interested in that, rather than function and fit. They, like all "work wear" brands have no clue in the actual ergonomics of the human male body. Btw. 6 ft slim 195 lbs here with a wider back than my waist. I should have no problem with an effing t shirt fitting me. . My most recent purchase of jersey knit work t shirts, are produced in haiti. The shirts from haiti have the following problems. . The neck hole is too low in the back and to high up on my adams apple in the front. . The arm holes are too far back on the body of the shirt, as such the fabric bunches up in the arm pit and restricts shoulder movement and gets instantly covered in deodorant wax and pit sweat stains because of the binding up in that area. These shirts cause arm pit camel toe. . The shoulders are too tight, the front body panel and the back panel of the the shirt body are identical patterns. The back panel is supposed to be wider than the front because human backs are always wider than chests. The arm of human beings are not located at the actual sides of our bodies, but rather are "clocked" more facing forwards on our torsos. As proven by the fact that you cant cross your arms across your back. Easily, but you can cross your arms on your chest. . Overall. The details are fine on these shirts, material, stitching, etc. But the fitment, proportions, assembly and ultimately ergonomic functionality are so distorted that i will be wearing a different brand in the near future. . These shirts are now made to look good. Folded on a store shelf.

E. Nancy, Delaware

Until now, i've bought all of my carhartt t-shirts from the local tractor supply store (tsc), 13 or 14 in all, and xxl always fit a little loose. I've been very satisfied. The carhartts on online store were a couple dollars cheaper so i ordered them. . The xxl carharts from online store fit a little snug. Not so bad i would return them but i can't wear a second t-shirt under them as i normally do in the winter. They are also of a thinner material even though they say "workwear" on them like my other shirts. I would rather have paid the extra couple of bucks. But i got a decent t-shirt for what i paid. Live and learn.

L. Harrison, New Hampshire says

I usually buy dickies large t shirts and these carhartt shirts are super large. Like a tent on me. I failed to test fit before washing so i'm stuck with them. My mistake. Wish these items would come with numbers regarding sizes. Not the small, medium, large etc. Useless info. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 175 pounds. Their medium would have fit me better. I guess.

V. Kelly, Surrey

The 100% cotton material is not as heavy as it once was. Durability is becoming an issue. Carhartt is making so many synthetic/cotton blends that it hard to figure out which shirt is 100% cotton.

Z. Shayna, Merton says

I have spend over $1, 000 on carhartt products during the last several years. I have more than a dozen shirts of this exact style and each of them has varied in their cut. Some shorter than the next, or the sleeves on one come down farther than the others, but these differences have not been enough to stop me from buying the next one. This time however i was quite disappointed. The sleeves were noticeably shorter, the overall length was so short that it barely tucks in far enough to stay through the day. The torso was too wide and the pocket is almost poofy. I just may try craftsman for my next t-shirt. I pay more for these shirts because of the quality and gladly so. But quality is not just durability, it is also consistency. I hold carhartt to a higher standard. So should they.

. Sheila, Leicester

I own a number of the k87 shirts, and they have been my "go to" t-shirt for casual wear. However, i just received a new one from rugged outfitters that may be a counterfeit. The tag indicates made in haiti, but after the initial wash the cloth feels like it's 30% cardboard, 60% cotton waste and 10% hemp. This just can't be a real carhartt. A second k87 from rugged outfitters in the same shipment is just fine, exhibiting carhartt quality, as expected. . I'm returning it, and will buy a replacement. If it turns out this is not counterfeit, then carhartt is selling out their reputation, and this brand will become dead to me. Not sure how i will tell, except to watch for other, similar reviews. If it is counterfeit, carhartt needs to step up their surveillance program. . This is a huge potential disappointment from a brand i have trusted for years.

D. Courtney, Nottingham says

Great shirt at a great price. The material is very thick and feels like it will last a very long time. My only complaint is they are huge. I am 5ft 6in and 130lbs and i ordered a size small (the size i normally wear in pretty much every other shirt) and i drowning in this shirt.

J. Janice, Lewisham

Have used carhart k87 shirts for 15 years, always order lg. Size. This time got the shirts and they are tight around the neck. Might want to jump up a size. Amended, ordered x-lg and fit is good. However after washing the neck size shrunk by 3. Almost chokes me. Dont know why but seems like the necks are running way small.

. Mahood, Languedoc-Roussillon says

My husband loves carhartt t-shirts. Because he is tall, i bought a tall size. Turns out it is a bit too long. We will stick with the regular length from now on. We have also noticed the shirts are made of a thinner fabric now. They had been thick and durable, but now feel much lighter and more flimsy.

. Zelda, Staffordshire

Ordered an x-large and i was swimming in this shirt. I also ordered an x-large dickies heavyweight shirt at the same time and the fit was perfect and it was 4$ less. Ill stick with the dickies because the quality felt exactly the same between the two.

O. Susan, Enfield says

I always wear 2x large but this shirt is huge and i have to return it for an xl. This is a great heavy weight material shirt that is very well made and very durable otherwise.

M. Walsh, Minnesota

These pocket t's used to be the best. But they changed the material now they're softer less absorbant & saggy. Neck stretches out much easier and they don't last as long. However, they are still thick so nipples don't poke through. They're till my shirt of choice. Although after wearing exclusively carhartt pocket t-shirts for the last 12 years, i recently bought another working brand that i like too. Sorry carhartt now you're just an average white pocket tee

P. Jacqueline, Essex says

Large for a large, and heavy. A job change made me need t shirts so i bought a few. This one's ok, but several were more comfortable and closer to the size i expected.

U. Amanda, North Dakota

Come on carhartt. I have 3 older shirts just like this one. They all had minor variations in fit and material, but that was tolerable. I ordered 2 of these shirts at the same time. They fit totally differently. The l in this particular color charcoal, is a full size larger than it should be. However, the neck opening is at least 2 sizes smaller than it should be. This is totally shoddy quality control. . These shirts are great if you're luck enough to get one that fits like it should and is made of the appropriate heavy weight cotton.

A. Jennifer, Colorado says

Honestly it was huge and i couldn t believe it was a medium. The sizes are really crazy so be warned. If you typically wear a medium in shirts buy a small in this one.

. Julie, Poitou-Charentes

I am looking for t shirt with a substantial neck collar. This shirt does not have one. On online store i was able to get the perfect t shirt, made by woolrich in some indonesian country. But of course it was discontinued. I had purchased 3 and went back for more and i was told it was discontinued. And they had no comparable item. The neck line kept it's neat shape, no matter what. So cool. So worth and extra few dollars. . Talk to your designers to make a t shirt with a substantial neck collar. It is always neat looking. A clean look. Thank you. .

Y. Rhonda, Croydon says

Like many other once quality american brands carhartt s quality control leaves much to be desired since going off-shore. Recently i bought two carhartt men's 'k87' workwear pocket short-sleeve t-shirts, one grey, one blue both in size medium. I m 6 1 210 with a 42 chest, the grey shirt was manufactured in haiti and fits well in the shoulders and chest but snug at the waist, while blue shirt is a better fit overall and is manufactured in honduras. In general carhartt runs big, but as in my case like items in a given size (medium) can very as much as half a size.

B. Peggy, Missouri

Bought many of these shirts over the years and loved them. Purchased new shirts lately, they've been smaller, to the point of not fitting. Problem is, i'm 4xl, and that's where the offerings stop, so i can't go up a size. All the older shirts i have listed as the same size fit fine.

C. Lewis, Alaska says

Why can't carhartt adjust t-shirts to fit us portly folks without them drooping over our knees? they make 3x large/tall. Why not 3x large/short as well? i'm 5'9" and 260 lbs. Yes, i'm fat but that's my issue. Even the 3x large/regular extends well below my belt line and below any outer shirt i decide to wear when it's chilly outside. Come on carhartt. Give us fat, short people a better choice!

F. Crawford, Delaware

I tend to have a problem with my shirts being too short, they always fit every other way but just too short. I thought i'd try a large tall, thinking this was going to be a normal size large but just tall. This thing fits like a 2xl on me, way too big. Carhartt's website says:. "short-sleeve shirts in tall sizes:. 2" longer in the torso than regular sizes. ½" longer in the sleeve than regular sizes. "

W. Rochelle, Georgia says

Usually love carhartt t's for my boyfriends casual or even work shirts. However, this one was much too large. I've tried to wash it a few times to shrink it up, but it's just not getting small enough to fit him. He usually wears a large, i bought a large.

I. Dorine, Niedersachsen

Good shirt, but carhartt is making their small sizes closer to a medium in most shirts. I really wish they d stop doing that, or make a size smaller yet. Not every tradesman is a giant. Clothes that fit are a hard find. For reference, i m 5 11 and weigh about 145lbs.

R. Russell, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Carhartt products are made in different counties, the ones from guatemala seem to be of lessor quality. One of the few advantages of buying in the store. You can check out the tags. They do seem to fit better than dickies which are too short in the sleeve on the short sleeve tees.

N. Annette, Tennessee

This t-shirt fits well enough, except that it is too long. I have bought other carhartt t-shirts in size extra large tall, and they were an acceptable length, howerver, they were colors other than the 'port' color. I realize that this is a 'long size' , but, the 'port' color is too long.

G. Cecilia, Arkansas says

The shirt is nice but forget consistency in the carhartt shirts. You can not be sure which country the shirt you get will be made in and even if you can the sizes are not consistent. We purchase large and they were snug, then shrunk after one wash. Too little now.

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