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Price was 5. This bowtie worked out perfectly! it's adjustable (duh) and fit my neck nicely. . It arrived in a timely manor and i can't recommend it highly enough!

-V. Cindy

Bow Ties – Classic Pre Tied Adjustible Satin Formal Tuxedo – Multiple Solid Colors – K. Solid Color Bow Ties In Every Color The K. Alexander Collection Of Pre-tied Solid Color Bow Ties Is Very Popular To Wear Tuxedos And Is Great For Weddings, Proms, Schools, Choirs, -Bow Ties – Classic Pre Tied Adjustible Satin Formal Tuxedo – Multiple Solid Colors – K. Alexander

  1. Properties: Pre-tied Bow With An Adjustable Band That Wraps Around The Collar.
  2. Properties: Standard Adult Size – Adjustable To Fit Neck Sizes From 10. 5 Inches To 20. 5 Inches.

Low-End Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander (Accessory) Ka 1000

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When you have someone that doesn't know how to tie a bow tie, this type of tie comes in handy. At a steal of a price i could not pass it up. I would certainly purchase this product again in any color. Best bow ties classic pre tied adjustible | -Accessory Review ( Sep 2019 ) Properties Bow Ties - Classic Pre Tied Adjustible Satin Formal Tuxedo - Multiple Solid Colors - by K. Alexander Solid color satin bow ties by k. alexander available in over 30 different colors. Pre-tied bow with an adjustable band that wraps around the collar. Standard adult size - adjustable to fit neck sizes from 10. 5 inches to 20. 5 inches. Bow size: 4. 5 inches wide, by 2. 25 inches tall - an updated traditional modern sized bow. Luxurious satin finish give this bow tie a slight sheen .

Bow ties - classic pre tied adjustible satin formal tuxedo - multiple solid colors - by k. alexander Review (K Alexander)

The color of this bowtie was a lot brighter than the picture showed but other than that it's pretty good. -J. Hannah

Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: K. Alexander
  3. ClothingSize: One Size
  4. Model: KA-1000
  5. Type: Apparel
  6. Category: ACCESSORY
  7. Size: One Size

bow ties - classic pre tied adjustible satin formal tuxedo - multiple solid colors - k. Apparel, Solid color bow ties in every color the k. alexander collection of pre-tied solid color bow ties is very popular to wear with tuxedos and is great for weddings, proms, schools, choirs, sports teams and individuals looking for a quality bow tie at a great price. style the bow on these ties is approximately 4. 5 inches wide by 2. 25 inches tall. this makes it an updated traditional bow - it is slightly slimmed down and modern size - definitely not your grandfather's fluffy bow tie. the material on the tie is a satin poly, with just the right amount of sheen, so that it's not too shiny nor is it flat. the bow on the tie is pre-tied, which means you don't have to learn to knot a bow tie and the bow is attached to an adjustable band which clips around your neck. this is a completely different mechanism than an old school clip-on or clip on style bow tie, which can easily fall off or become crooked. size the adjustable band fits necks from 10. 5 to 20. 5 inches which should fit most adult men and most younger guys 12 and up. the slimmed down, modern size of this bow tie allows it to work for most guys except the larger big and tall group. colors these bows ties are available in over 30 different colors we should have something to match your bridesmaid dresses or date to the prom. that said, the colors you see on your display device should only be used as a guide and are not absolute. there is no substitute to seeing the actual fabric in person. most brands/designers create their own color names - because another store or brand uses the same color name does not mean the colors will necessarily match. specifications: brand: k. alexander color: 30+ different colors style: pre-tied bow, with a band bow width: 4. 5 inches at the widest point bow height: 2. 25 inches at the tallest point material: satin finished polyester k. alexander provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander (KA-1000-K Alexander).

Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander Apparel

  • I bought this bowtie for my sons halloween costume as the eleventh doctor. It is sized for a child and fits a 4-7 y/o well. No problems at all. . Pro's:. Bowtie's are cool. . Con's:. None
  • Great product. Is exactly as described. Arrived in a timely manner.
  • Looked great. i wore it twice and the clasp broke.
  • I was not as pleased with this tie - probably just me. I did keep and i know it will be worn - just not quite right!
  • Cheap material and it broke after a couple weeks of use. Buy it just if you need it for a one time occasion. If you use it for work beware that this is a cheap fabric and the it is a very large bow tie, more like a clown style.

bow ties classic pre tied adjustible Bow Ties - Classic Pre Tied Adjustible Satin Formal Tuxedo - Multiple Solid Colors - by K. Alexander (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Fit perfectly! exactly as described

Bow Ties - Classic Pre Tied Adjustible Satin Formal Tuxedo - Multiple Solid Colors - K. Alexander
Click to see NoticeBow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander (K Alexander)"Everything that i wanted in a white bowtie, i received in this product. If you're looking for an accessory for your neck for that formal thing that you're going to, the buck stops here. The white bowtie is the perfect partner for cocktail weenies and vests worn under blazers. The fabric is soft."

(0) Question: Would you possibly be selling more of the steel blue ones? i have my wedding in june and would love to buy 8 of them.

Contemporary & Designer » Big & Tall » Uniforms, Work & Safety » Surf, Skate & Street » Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander (Accessory) Ka 1000

NJ Novelty - Black Felt Top Hat, Costume Dress Up Party Hat + White Band

Go back to the era of class and sophistication with this black felt top hat. Adorned with a thick black shiny ribbon, and comes with an extra white band for additional looks. These hats are a great accessory to a variety of costumes. Dress up as rich uncle pennybags (mr. Monopoly) or create your own steampunk hat. The size fits most adults, teens and older children. Measurements: 5" tall notice: "major success" seller is the only authorized seller. We do not sell wholesale, so there should be no other sellers. Any other seller is illegally selling their own products and using our trademarked name. Purchasing from any seller other than "major success" will result in a potentially faulty product that may be unsafe. Please be sure to purchase only from "major success" so that you receive the actual products listed on this page. Manufacturer's warranty included only when purchased from "major success".

NJ Novelty - Black Felt Top Hat, Costume Dress Up Party Hat + White BandNJ-Novelty-Black-Costume-Dress

Price :    —
  • Go back to the era of great american class and sophistication. this traditional felt top hat is great for a formal party, costume party, golden american age party, the opera or any occasion
  • Good quality costume hat - you can reuse for multiple parties. great hat for dress up and role play
  • One size - fits most adults, teens and bigger kids. each top hat measures: 5" tall, and 23" in circumference
  • Classic black felt top hat, with a beautiful hatband-ribbon. includes white band for additional looks
  • This black hat is the perfect accessory to your rich uncle pennybags, butler, magician or other halloween costume
Brand :    nj novelty
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Adult Costume (Apparel product review) for NJ Novelty - Black Felt Top Hat, Costume Dress Up Party Hat + White Band available ( Sep 2019 )

Rubie's Costume Co Bamboo Cane 36 Long Costume

Rubie's costume company has designed quality costume and fun clothing for decades. Trusted to be the leader of cosplay, halloween, and general decor items, rubie's does not sacrifice quality for price. Expect the highest in costume design and material with rubie's.

Rubie's Costume Co Bamboo Cane 36 Long CostumeRubies-Costume-Co-Bamboo-Cane

Brand :    rubie's costume co
Color :    Brown
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.1 pounds
  • Fun costumes for kids and adults
  • Beautiful colors, hand-wash needed, excellent for dress up
  • Whether it's for halloween, a themed party, or even for giggles
Price :    $16.04 (was $17.28)
Model :    RUB342ACC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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12 Synthetic Mustache Assortment - Costume Moustache White

Got a stiff upper lip? well, get ready to turn it into a smile with this fun-filled mustache assortment. Give one of these party favors to your guests to help celebrate everything from movember to birthday parties to the holiday celebrations. Mustache assortment includes 2 each of 6 styles of self-adhesive, synthetic mustaches. 3" - 4 1/4" assortment may vary.

12 Synthetic Mustache Assortment - Costume Moustache White12-Synthetic-Mustache-Assortment-Moustache

Price :    $6.99 (was $7.38)
  • Mustache assortment includes 2 each of 6 styles of self-adhesive, synthetic mustaches.
  • 3" - 4 1/4"
  • Assortment may vary.
Brand :    fun express
Color :    White
Size :    Regular
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for 12 Synthetic Mustache Assortment - Costume Moustache White available ( Sep 2019 )

Silver Monocle Costume Steampunk Necklace Men elope

While it isn't exactly what i was looking for, it got the job done so i'm happy.

Weather you're going for that 19th century wealthy businessman or perhaps a giant peanut, you need this silver steamworks monocle by elope! complete your costume with this simple, yet stately eyepiece. Silver painted brass frame, 2. 2 mm clear plastic lens black cord to hang around your neck essential costume accessory for steampunk, santa claus, mr. Peanut, 19th century gentleman safety tested for ages 14+, sized to fit most teens and adults clean with a soft cloth about elope, inc. - in 1993, elope's founders created an enterprise dedicated to a vision of spreading happiness and infectious joy: everybody's laughing on planet earth (e. L. O. P. E). Over 20 years later, it's that same delight in adventure, love of discovery, and passion for self-expression through creative costuming that inspires every product decision at elope. We don't play when it comes to quality elope's mission is to make everybody laugh on planet earth by creating the highest quality whimsical wearables, and providing fantastical service, while holding to the core values of socially responsible business. Our founders' genuine dedication to increasing the world's happiness expresses itself in costume and cosplay fashion excellence. Taking fun seriously at elope, we're not just in it for seasonal costumes on halloween or other holidays, but we are committed to transforming the world with laughter and celebration 365 days of the year. We take pride in our commitment to helping the planet and people with responsibly sourced silly hats, funny costumes, and dress-up items as wearable art. We like to be inclusive by designing for men, women, children - everyone! put simply, we take fun seriously. Keep on laughing! laughwithelope

Silver Monocle Costume Steampunk Necklace Men elopeMonocle-Costume-Steampunk-Necklace-elope

Silver Monocle Costume Steampunk Necklace Men Elope (878324) FAQ.

I love this monocle. I dressed up as the penguin for halloween and got praise for it. Although i have not figure out how to use it right without it falling off unless i hold onto it but i still love it since i have always loved monocles. It also makes me feel like veronica sawyer from heathers played by the ever so talented and wonderful winona ryder. I swear of all the online store products i have bought this one is my favorite just because i believe it was money well spent. It is fake glass but who cares it looks real and authentic and i love my monocle. Shipped quickly as i remember since it has already been more than a year since i purchased. Phew! time passes by fast. I still have it and has not worn out but i take good care of it. P. S. I say it is somewhat large but that is because i have a tiny face and a big nose and have not mastered the skillful way of keeping this cool thing in place on my face without me having to hold onto it as i explained above. But i still give it 5 stars because i love it that much. -Notice from G. Sarah, Dorset

Click to Show silver monocle costume steampunk necklace men elope (878324) Details

Went great with our costumes!

Silver-monocle-costume-steampunk-necklace-men-elope-(878324) set picture

- Q. NancyJust what we were looking for to be "regale" haha

Perfect for my veronica sawyer costume! hard to keep in my eye, but i heard that takes practice anyways!

O. Jessica, Redbridge

Brand :    elope
Color :    Silver
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0..1 pounds
  • Eye catching: this monocle is the perfect accent piece to a variety of looks, from the most sophisticated 19th century upper-class gentleman to the iconic nutty man himself
  • Versatile: the monocle is made to sit between the cheekbone and brow bone and can also be worn around the neck with the attached black cord
  • Excellent quality: designed for you with love and laughter by the elope team in colorado springs, usa; made in china
  • Fun all year around: great for gifts, costuming, cosplay, plays, or whimsy all year around
  • For teens and adults: sized to fit most teens and adults ages 14+
Price :    $7.95 (was $8.06)
Model :    310431
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Apparel :    Best Adult Costume (Apparel product review) for Silver Monocle Costume Steampunk Necklace Men elope available ( Sep 2019 )

32 Plastic Black Cane

Used as a halloween costume prop and was perfect.

Black plastic cane with a white tip. great addition to costumes or as a prop.

32 Plastic Black CaneRhode-Island-Novelty-00 292LA2LA RO-Plastic

32 Plastic Black Cane (co canbl) FAQ.

I used it for a costume was very surprised at how sturdy it was. Could actually hold some weight on it and didn't look cheap at all. -Notice from P. Meyer, Iowa

Click to Show 32 plastic black cane (co canbl) Details

Our 2-year-old barney tap-dancing fan loved it to play with. Would work for a dance recital too.

32-plastic-black-cane-(co-canbl) set picture

- Q. AlbaFor the price this cane is fine for my purposes. I do freestyle heelwork to music and this cane is just fine for a prop. It is lightweight and could break easily so for some uses it may not be sturdy enough.

Used this for my a clockwork orange halloween costume. It brought the whole costume come together. One of the white tips came off, as the glue isn't too sturdy, but i easily stuck it back on and it was fine. It was too short for me to lean on, but using it as a stick it was fine.

Y. Emily, Greenwich

Brand :    rhode island novelty
Color :    black
Size :    One Size
Model :    00_292LA2LA_RO
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Black plastic cane with a white tip.
  • 32" long
  • Great for costumes!
  • Durable plastic.
Price :    $13.04 (was $14.95)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for 32 Plastic Black Cane available ( Sep 2019 )

Skinny Ties - Multiple Solid Colors - Classic 2 width K. Alexander

Our collection of k. Alexander brand, luxurious satin finished solid skinny 2 inch neckties features a full lining to provide superior body & feel to the necktie, allowing them to make excellent knots and last for years of service. On the back side of the tie, you'll find a securely fastened k. Alexander brand tie label, that doubles as a keep for the tail of the tie. If desired, this will align the tail of the tie with the front of the tie, keeping it hidden from view. This necktie is a formal necktie and can be worn very formally, or dressed down. It is suitable for weddings, performances and even everyday use. The satin on these ties gives them a slight sheen and gives the colors some range in their appearance, which will vary depending on the amoutn and direction of the lighting. These ties are not super shiney, nor are they flat. They are a nice classy place in the middle. This tie is not a costume tie, but could be used as part of a costume. Costume ties are typically unlined, made of very, very thin material, are hard to make knots with and designed to be worn only once. Specifications: brand: k. Alexander length: 57 inches width: 2 inches material: satin finished polyester lining: full cotton liner k. Alexander provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Skinny Ties - Multiple Solid Colors - Classic 2 width K. AlexanderSkinny-Ties-Multiple-Classic-Alexander

Brand :    k. alexander
Size :    One Size
Model :    KA-2000
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Skinny Ties - Multiple Solid Colors - Classic 2 width K. Alexander available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Standard adult length - approximately 57 inches long
  • Formal wear - this is a fully lined formal solid color necktie
  • Luxurious satin finish give this tie a slight sheen
  • Solid color ties for work, formal events and fun
  • Skinny tie width - 2 inches wide right before the tip

Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander (K Alexander) Price : 5, was : 0 as 2018-03-07
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander (K Alexander) Reviewed by on

Top bow ties adjustible multiple alexander (k alexander) Content

The F.A.Q. for Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander (K Alexander)

With the price i was expecting something really cheap, but it was a very nice bow tie. Purchased with a red fez as part of a dr. Who themed gift. Was a big hit. Bow ties are cool.

A number of questions have been asked here.

(note) Question: where/how to get K Alexander (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar K Alexander's products

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I was a little hesitant about purchasing this bowtie due to the low price. I suspected that the quality may not meet my standards and since this was for a graduation, i was really worried. When the bowtie arrived, i was pleasantly surprised! the bowtie was exactly what the graduate wanted and he was very happy. Great buy and comes highly recommended!

Accessories 1107394742, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Men 1101447417, Neckties 1105594742Top Bow Ties Adjustible Multiple Alexander (K Alexander) FAQ Content

Best bow ties adjustible multiple alexander (k alexander) in review

Bought this for a halloween costume. It's fully adjustable and looks nice. As for use as dressing up with, personally i would look for something with a little more glean or pop in color.

X. Evelyn, Stoke-on-Trent

You might like to see 32 Plastic Black Plastic Cane With A White Tip. Great Addition To Costumes Or As A Prop. -32 Plastic Black Cane
  1. Plus: Black Plastic Cane With A White Tip.
  2. Plus: Great For Costumes!.
Best Buy 32 Plastic Black Cane (Toys And Games) 00 292la2la Ro 32 Plastic Black Cane (co
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  • Benefits: Wonderfully Le Badge At Wearer's Right Waist.
Bestseller Wonderwink Women's Wonderflex Charity Scrub Top (Shirt) 6308 Wonderwink Women's Wonderflex Charity Scrub Top (6308x win

A. Miller, Nottinghamshire says

I bought this as a accessory for my casual button downs. You can tell that it is not of the highest quality and should not be worn with formal attire when trying to really impress others. However, it does add a little style bump to your outfit as a casual accessory. You may not wear it everyday (and you probably shouldn't), but the price says that that's okay.

G. Perez, Alaska

My great aunt really wanted to give my cousin a bow tie for christmas, i found this one for her and it's perfect. She was delighted. She passed away the next day, and i am really grateful that you had such a nice product for me to help her give.

B. Donna, Gloucestershire says

The price is right - my high schoolers wear bowties/matching hats for dances and "sports dress day" so when i can get a bowtie under $10 (w/ free shipping) i jump on it. The material is a little thinner than the other bowties i've purchased (here and retail stores) so not sure how long it will hold up but for the price, it's all good. I'll probably purchase more in other colors.

C. Marguerite, South Carolina

Was only $3 and change and it was a great buy. Very sturdy compared to the others i ordered from another company. Very satisfied with the shipping cost. They were great and on time!

Q. Noguera, District of Columbia says

Bought this for a mary poppins halloween costume. Looked adorable. My only complaint was the super slow shipping. I was waiting for almost a full month.

Y. Carolyn, British Columbia

We do many performances during a years time, and change color of our members bowties, cummerbunds, and sash's. 3 to 4 times a year. This year, we were caught off guard and had no red bow ties. I found these on online store, ordered them, and they came quickly and in plenty of time for our performances. The ties seem to be well made and a whole lot less than. What we had been paying for them in the past. I wish i had ordered the clip on's instead of the strap type, but these worked. Just as well. Just required a little adjusting of each others collar. Very good value for the price, and i will be looking at. This site again for our other colored ties that we use.

T. Taylor, Vermont says

Nice bow tie. Good design and construction. . I like that the bow slides freely on the band. I can close the clasp in front and then slide/rotate it to the back of my neck.

K. April, Brandenburg

I purchased this to go with a "cat in the hat" costume, so i went for inexpensive. This bow tie fit this costume perfectly, but it is definitely not tuxedo formal grade. Had a few uncut threads and has a glossy sheen that gives it a slightly silver color depending upon the angle of lighting. Definitely great for my costume, but only 4 stars for a tux.

Z. Cageen, Colorado says

I bought this bow tie (not sure if that's one word or two-the item title isn't even consistent with itself) for a college theatre performance. It looks great from a distance and is easily adjustable. Up close, though, you can really tell that it's poor quality due to threads hanging off of it. It's great for performance or for an "everyday" look if that's your style, but if you need something for a formal event i would recommend laying out a little more money for something else.

L. Juliana, Islington

My younger sister recently became obsessed with doctor who and as a result of the eleventh doctor decrying them as "cool", she gained a nearly insatiable thirst for bow ties. As she was graduating high school i decided i would treat her to a bow tie of her choice and she decided that she most wanted a red one. . I am most pleased with this bow tie. The color is beautiful and cheery and consistent. The doctor would love it and my sister is happy.

R. Beale, Corse says

The bow tie is a little more bright red than stated on the picture. From what it looks in the package, is your standard strap bowtie. Looks very nice. Needed it for my husband's monopoly costume. However, he found another bowtie somewhere else. So, i am returning this one because he threw away the packaging for the one bought in store. Pretty good quality for how it looks.

E. Kellie, Merton says

Our teenage boys wore these bow ties on easter sunday and got so many compliments on them. They arrived on time, were exactly as described, and looked great! good decision to purchase from this seller!

U. Mays, Windsor and Maidenhead

The color is a nice red but not quite my version of a christmas red. That may be subject to opinion of course. None the less the bowties worked great for our barbershop quartet, singing in a christmas event. They arrived on time and well packaged. Only complaint i had was the hook, which was fairly close to the front so it was visible when you wore it, and not covered with a little cloth tab, like my regular tuxedo tie.

P. Paige, Georgia says

My 12 year old son (who is on the small size for 12) wanted a bowtie. I wasn't sure about this but i figured for the price it was worth a try. I was pleased at how adjustable it was so that he could put it on the smallest setting and it fit him - so if you are considering it for a kid (not a really young kid) it is adjustable.

Top /bow ties adjustible multiple alexander Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

G. Wade, Birmingham says

Worn once? don't usually wear bow ties.

M. Hannah, Niedersachsen

While the image already makes the bowtie look somewhat shiny and a strong red, i was a little surprised at just how bright/shiny it really was; the color is similar to a bright candy red, several tones brighter than the pictures show. It was still okay and worked alright for my needs, just not exactly what i'd expected or been planning for.

Q. Gladys, Rhode Island says

Bought 10 and most only lasted two wearings. They fell apart.

H. Alberta, Southend-on-Sea

If you're buying this item for anything more than a costume, i would go with a "real" bowtie. I bought this because it was cheap, and for what i needed, it's fine. However, when i opened it, there was already a very minor fray. It's not going to get heavy use from me, so i'm not concerned. This item is 3 pieces, and not a genuine bowtie. It's made of a red bow, red ribbon around the center, and a 3rd piece of ribbon that is adjustable that goes around your neck. It's very basic, and low grade material.

X. Claudia, Utah says

Still looking forward to when i can wear it. I was gonna use it as a joke during a wedding but didn't end up using it. It seemed fine though.

U. Elida, South Dakota

Bow tie was okay but had issues with the clip

V. Dorine, St. Helens says

The bowtie was very cheaply constructed. It completely fell apart while my son was dancing. The small piece of fabric holding the tie together was not sewn correctly. Just a few more stitches was all that was needed. Unbelievably bad construction. Not even worth the $5. 95 that it cost.

Y. Moore, Queensland

Bowtie were good for little boys and teenagers but could be worn by men

P. Peggy, Wyoming says

The tie fell apart during the format event. I could not repair it.

L. Terry, Alsace

It's ok. It's cheaply made and that is why it costs so little. Maybe it's good for one time use. I sent it back because the whole thing was sewn twisted.

W. Bertie, Buckinghamshire says

It did what it needed to for the night i wore it but then it fell apart not long after. One/short time use as most. Good quality.

A. Shirley, Northern Territory

Cheap nylon - costume quality. Save your $ and go to the tux shop.

Z. Sheila, Haute-Normandie says

The tie ended up being more orange than red, but luckily our school colors are orange and black. It will be used, but it wasn't red as described. Also, the shipping took four hundred years. And arrived after the event, although i ordered in three weeks ahead of time.

C. Lorenz, Wiltshire

Looks a little cheaper than i had hoped for, but it was very inexpensive, and does fit and stay connected to my shirt well.

K. Michele, Oklahoma says

This bow tie is really cute and well made but after a night of wearing it, i noticed the red bled all over the shirt my son had on. It came out in the wash, but i'm leery of letting him wear it again.

S. Sarah, Picardie

This bow tie was much cheaper looking in person then it looked in the picture. I was really hoping for a nice bow tie for my friend but instead he gave it to his dog.

B. Allen, Hessen says

Well this tie is a big tie not the standard size i am not happy husband hates it and wanted to send it back but its a 20% stocking fee and with shipping which cost more than the tie i have to count this as a lost . One thing about it they wouldn't have me to order from them again .

D. Rita, Norfolk

I was disappointed that it was missing the fastener ring in the back, so i had to improvise and use a paper clip. It was going on a statue, so i could still use it. I would have returned it if a real person was going to wear it.

F. Reed, Hammersmith and Fulham says

Although this was exactly as described, it fell apart almost immediate upon wearing it. The bow "untied" or rather came out of the false knot, the neckband freyed and the clasp came off. All this was within 5 minutes of putting it on.

I. Guest, Havering

Was not made well, fell apart as my son was wearing it and before the actual event has taken place. In all fairness, he did not save the pieces so i was unable to ask for a refund.

J. Alma, West Virginia says

Very poor quality. it's a waste of time and money

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