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Price was 10. My favorite bra ever. I now have three of them because they are so comfy. I wear a 38 ddd and it holds my boobs in without making them cone shaped or squashing them. I look more perky with this bra and it provides comfort and support all day.

-. Kathlene

Cheap Women’s passion comfort underwire bali style 3383. seamless underwire bra. stretch microfiber. silky lightly-lined cups prevent show-through. full cups offer great coverage. soft embrace sides offer gentle support. -bali women’s passion comfort underwire bra.

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After trying several bali bras and being extremely disappointed by the way the straps had a tendency to lengthen over time i ended up trying this one and was pleasantly surprised. Not only do the straps stay put and provide decent support for my ddd cups, the material is very soft and comfortable and it makes you look good in t-shirts and blouses. It is important to know though that this bra fits a full size too small, i needed to order 38 ddd instead of the 36 ddd i normally wear, thanks to other reviewers i knew this and ordered accordingly so it still gets five stars for being my favorite bra at this time. The Best womens passion comfort underwire ( Sep 2019 ) | Bali-Bra Review Advantages Bali Women's Passion For Comfort Underwire Bra Style 3383. Tagless .

Bali Women's Passion For Comfort Underwire Bra Review (3383)

It's very difficult to find sized 34d bras that fit me because every time i find one i like, they discontinue it, and these are perfect. I don't want super-wide shoulder straps or a 3-hook back like a lot of d and larger sized bras have. Also happy to find a bra with no padding! the sides are high, but not too high, the underwires are unobtrusive, and there are plenty of color choices. The support and coverage are perfect for everyday wear and of course, bali's quality can always be relied upon. (i do wish they would make this one in a cotton blend. ) the price on online store can't be beat. -. Eleanor

Bali Womens Passion Comfort Underwire

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Bali
  • ClothingSize: *
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:0.10 inches
    Length:6.10 inches
    Weight:0.19 pounds
    Width:4.40 inches
  • Manufacturer: Bali
  • Model: 3383
  • MPN: 3383
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 3383
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: BRA
  • Size: One Size

women's passion comfort underwire Apparel, Bali style 3383. seamless underwire bra. stretch microfiber. silky lightly-lined cups prevent show-through. full cups offer great coverage. soft embrace sides offer gentle support. no scratchy tag or elastic bands. lightly cushioned straps help eliminate shoulder stress. adjustable back straps. 3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure. t-shirt bra - virtually disappears under thin fabrics. Bali Women's Passion Comfort Underwire Bra (3383-Bali).

Bali Womens Passion Comfort Underwire Apparel

  • Words can hardly express how happy i am with this bra! . . I was nervous ordering a bra online at first, but frustrated by local stores never having size 32 bands with larger cups. I would always get a 34, wear it on the tightest setting, and one month in would begin the aggravation of constantly having the wire slipping down my ribs. Gah! it really sucked. Anyway, i was nervous about buying a bra online because i wouldn't be able to try it on, but finally became desperate enough. . So, i went for it. I increased cup size by one since i was going down band size (remember, 32 dd has cups of the same size as 34 d) and ordered. It is super comfy! over time the band is stretching a bit, i can tell, but since i started with the largest setting of the band rather than the smallest, i can tighten it once that is required. I ordered a second one once i realized how awesome the first one was. . The only negative for me is the straps are pretty wide (what makes them so comfy) so you may not want to wear it with a tank top. Also, it's full coverage, so shows when you wear a low cut top. I'm still looking for a good demi bra that's the right size so i can wear tank tops and not have an underwire riding down my ribs!
  • It was alittle larger in the cups. It fits with the exception it is a tad loose. Nothing that would bother a regular person but i dont like any movement and this allows for some. Otherwise it has a nice starch white color and the stiches seem to be fine
  • Poorly made, flimsy fabric, painful seams. I've been a bali size 36d for a very long time, and i recently even lost 25lbs, so even if my old bras are stretched out, a 36d should fit or even be too big on me, but this is painfully tight, leaving deep red welts after a day of use (9-10hrs). I bought another bali bra in the same size at the same time and it fit as expected (comfortable, erring on the loose side), so it's clearly just this model.
  • I bought my normal size that fits in every style and brand until this bra. The cups were too small and the band was too tight. I am a 36ddd and felt like i was trying to squeeze into a 34d.
  • After reading the reviews i expected to really like this bra. But unfortunately, it was not to be. I give it a b in comfort. A b+ in support. An f in sexiness. An a in "fits as expected". And a d in hiding nipplage. I knew it isn't a bra intended to be sexy so that was expected. But i expected a lot more in comfort. The material is great; soft and smooth. But i didn't have that "barely there" type of feel i expected since the overall aim for this bra is comfort. I kept having to adjust the wire a bit. The material, though comfortable, doesn't conceal your nips if they decide to stand at attention.

womens passion comfort underwire Bali Women's Passion For Comfort Underwire Bra (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Favorite bra. It's widely available in department sites, but i've never seen this color in a store. It's more pink than red.

Bali Women's Passion Comfort Underwire Bra
Click to see NoticeBali Women's Passion Comfort Underwire Bra (3383)"This has no padding and it is difficult to find bra without some type of padding. Comfortable fit. The cups are far enough apart to accommodate those of us that have a broader chest. Fit does not push up but holds breasts naturally in place. Washes great."

(0) Question: Do these run true to size? i'm a size 32 dd and just wanted to make sure the cup size will work before i order this bra. (i usually wear wacoal. )

(1) Question: How does this compare to the 3w11 in terms of softness?

(2) Question: Are the cups "stretchy"?

Olga Women's Perfect Fit Full Figure Bra 35069

Olga style 35069. Lightly lined underwire full cup. Constructed of seamless stretch nylon. Adjustable non-slip comfort straps. 3 column, 3 row hook and eye back closure.

Olga Women's Perfect Fit Full Figure Bra 35069Olga-Womens-Perfect-Figure-35069

Brand :    olga
Model :    35069
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Olga Women's Perfect Fit Full Figure Bra 35069 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Seamless lightly lined underwire
  • Perfect full figure fit
  • Contains comfort straps
  • Lightweight look and feel

Bali Women's 3353 Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra

Bali women's live it up seamless underwire bra

Bali Women's 3353 Live It Up Seamless Underwire BraBali-Womens-3353-Seamless-Underwire

Price :    —
  • Soft underwire bra featuring shaping/lifting petal pattern fused into fabric at lower cup
  • Plush-wrapped wires
  • Supportive ultrasonic cups
  • Comfort cushion strap
  • Soothing inner lining
Brand :    bali designs
Color :    Surf Blue Jacq
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Model :    3353
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's 3353 Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Women's No Poke Lined Underwire Bra 3320

Finally, the solution to the number one complaint by women: the poking underwire! four plush layers of fabric cover the patented spring-tipped wire. This new wire system moves with you for maximum comfort. Micro-thin stretch foam offers beautiful shaping and discretion without adding bulk. Colors: white, taupe, black. Sizes: b 34-40; c, d 34-44; dd 36-44; ddd 38-44. Style 3320 from bali. Reg. $31. 00 sale $23. 25no-poke wireseamlessstretch foam lining!

Bali Women's No Poke Lined Underwire Bra 3320Bali-Womens-Lined-Underwire-3320

Brand :    bali designs
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Model :    3320
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's No Poke Lined Underwire Bra 3320 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Micro-thin stretch foam lining offers no show through and beautiful shaping with out bulk
  • Imported
  • Hand wash , hang to dry
  • Out patented spring-tipped wire is wrapped with layers of soft fabric
  • Inner cup lining and cup pad linings: 100% polyester; center front lining and strap lining: 100% nylon; cup pad: 100% polyurethane foam; cup and inner underbust sling: 86% nylon, 14% spandex; back and strap: 64% polyester, 36% spandex

Bali Women's Passion Comfort Underwire Bra

Bra comfort. You want it. We've got it. This seamless underwire features two-ply cups with the exclusive ultra-thin silky smooth lining for amazing comfort and modesty. Prevents show through without bulkiness. Encased wires disappear under clothes and feel invisible. Lightly cushioned straps soothe shoulders. Extra comfort features include soft embrace sides and no scratchy tag.

Bali Women's Passion Comfort Underwire BraBali-Womens-Passion-Comfort-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
  • Tagless for added comfort
  • Seamless smooth stretch microfiber bra with silky lightly lined cups
  • Nylon/polyester/spandex/cotton
  • Hook & eye closure
  • Lightly cushioned front straps for comfort
Price :    —
Model :    3383
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's Passion Comfort Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

Bali passion for comfort minimizer underwire bra

Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire BraBali-Passion-Comfort-Minimizer-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
Color :    *
Size :    42
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    3385
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Minimizes up to 1. 5 inches
  • Silky-smooth lining with lightly cushioned straps
  • Triple back hook-and-eye closure ; back: 76% nylon, 24% spandex. cup lining: 94% polyester, 6% spandex.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Bra is tagless for maximum comfort ; arched center panel is great for high tummies
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Visualift Underwire Bra

Bali style 3102. Shaped, underwire, contour cups. Stretch microfiber. Cups are lined to prevent show-through. Lifting panel for superb support and shaping. Pretty shimmering design on wings and side of cups. Lightly cushioned straps add comfort. Adjustable back straps. 3 column, 2 row hook and eye back closure.

Bali Visualift Underwire BraBali-Designs-Visualift-Underwire-Bra

Brand :    bali designs
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Visualift Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Women's Active Lifestyle Underwire

Featuring a cooling technology and no-chafe seams, this bali underwire bra will keep you comfortable.

Bali Women's Active Lifestyle UnderwireBali-Womens-Active-Lifestyle-Underwire

Brand :    bali
Color :    Blushing Pink
Size :    34D
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    6567
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • The perfect every day t-shirt bra for your every day activities
  • Ideal for your weekend errands and for casual walking
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's Active Lifestyle Underwire available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Double Adjustable Comfort Strap Underwire Bra

Bali style 3317. Seamless, molded, unlined, underwire cups. Unique straps adjust in both the front and back. Elegant front clasp offers 4 adjustments. Wide comfort straps are elastic in back. Constructed of smooth microfiber. Non-stretch, embroidered center gore. 3 column, 3 row hook and eye back closure.

Bali Double Adjustable Comfort Strap Underwire BraBali-Double-Adjustable-Comfort-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
Color :    Ash,Heather,Light Blue,Navy,Pink,Red,White
Size :    2T,3T,4T,5/6,7
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Double Adjustable Comfort Strap Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Women's One Smooth U Ultra Light Illusion-Neckline Underwire Bra

This convertible, underwire bra features inner side support slings for added lift and support. You can also go crisscross style with the convertible straps

Bali Women's One Smooth U Ultra Light Illusion-Neckline Underwire BraBali-Womens-Smooth-Illusion-Neckline-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    3439
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's One Smooth U Ultra Light Illusion-Neckline Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Lilyette Bali Women's Plunge Into Comfort Keyhole Minimizer Bra

Sooo comfortable! - that's what's most important in a bra for me. I'd buy more. Well made and supportive.

Our lilyette keyhole minimizer bra's sexy plunge design provides a v-shape pitch that enhances cleavage while providing a sexy and secure fit.

Lilyette Bali Women's Plunge Into Comfort Keyhole Minimizer BraLilyette-Womens-Comfort-Keyhole-Minimizer

Lilyette Bali Women's Plunge Into Comfort Keyhole Minimizer Bra (0904 cgs) FAQ.

I especially like the stretchy unpadded cups. Beautiful colors too. -Notice from Z. Shawna, Derby

Click to Show lilyette bali women's plunge into comfort keyhole minimizer bra (0904 cgs) Details

I bought the rum raisin version of this bra in a 34d and it's really beautiful - it's wearable but pretty tight in both the band and the cup. May need to size up if i order again!

Lilyette-bali-women's-plunge-into-comfort-keyhole-minimizer-bra-(0904-cgs) set picture

- J. KellieThis fits great and is very comfortable. It's my favorite bra right now. My only complaint is that there is a lot of material at the top and the bra peeks out of the top of many shirts. But i'm buying mire

This is the best fitting, most supportive bra i have bought in years. I am very pleased

I. Jacqueline, Stockton-on-Tees

Price :    —
  • Back two hook-and-eye closure
  • Low-cut bra with underwire support featuring keyhole at front and adjustable shoulder straps
Brand :    lilyette
Color :    Champagne Shimmer
Size :    36DDD
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    904
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Lilyette Bali Women's Plunge Into Comfort Keyhole Minimizer Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Women's All Around Smoothing Underwire Bra

Enjoy fabulous support and comfort in this satiny microfiber bra. The cup overlay, sides and back are all one silky piece, without stitching around the underwire, so all you see under clothing - is nothing

Bali Women's All Around Smoothing Underwire BraBali-Womens-Around-Smoothing-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.25 pounds
  • Back-smoothing ripple prevention
  • Fused top cup edge with subtle stretch
  • Contour bra with supportive lifting underwires, flexible cup, and bandless front
Price :    —
Model :    3W11
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's All Around Smoothing Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Designs Women's Bali Passion For Comfort Underwire

Passion for comfort bras are elegant yet comfortable bras that will help her feel beautiful whenever she wears them. The silky-smooth lining offers just the right level of modesty under her blouses and sweaters without adding extra padding. Lightly cushioned straps help eliminate shoulder stress.

Bali Designs Women's Bali Passion For Comfort UnderwireBali-Designs-Passion-Comfort-Underwire

Price :    —
  • Enhanced modesty and comfort
  • Encased underwires
  • Lightly cushioned straps
  • Silky-smooth lining
Brand :    bali designs
Model :    3383
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Designs Women's Bali Passion For Comfort Underwire available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Designs Women's Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire

Enjoy the same comfort and modesty of your favorite passion for comfort minimizer now with a new check lace pattern

Bali Designs Women's Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer UnderwireBali-Designs-Passion-Minimizer-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
  • Reduces bust projection up to 1 1/2 inch
  • Encased underwire
  • Lightly cushioned straps
  • Silky-smooth lining to enhance modesty and comfort
Price :    —
Model :    3385
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Designs Women's Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Women's Lace Desire Non-Foam Underwire Bra

Luxurious lace and satin trim create the lace desire collection.

Bali Women's Lace Desire Non-Foam Underwire BraBali-Womens-Desire-Non-Foam-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.17 pounds
Model :    6543
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's Lace Desire Non-Foam Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Comfort u-design for stay-in-place straps
  • Hook-and-eye back closure
  • Underwire bra in floral lace featuring partially-lined non-foam cups and adjustable shoulder straps

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The F.A.Q. for Bali Women's Passion Comfort Underwire Bra (3383)

Super comfortable and fits correctly. It is such a hassle to buy bras, but these are great! i especially like that there are only three hooks to close it instead of four, which is difficult to find in a 44dd. Also, the back strap doesn't ride up my back - it stays where it is supposed to stay, even with only three hooks. I have found my go-to bra!

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on

(0) Question: Is this bali 3514?

(1) Question: Looking for a replacement for the bali 3428 - how does this compare?

(2) Question: In the larger sizes, i. e. 42, are there 3 or 4 hooks in the back?

(3) Question: Also, wanted to ask if the soft taupe is kind if a creamy , rose tan color? if this is the 3240 bali style, i would like to order several . thx

(4) Question: Are the cups padded?

(5) Question: Is this bra lined?

(6) Question: Please help. i have been buying 36b bras. when i measured my band is 36 and bust 41 which is 36d. confused on sizing.

(7) Question: Will your nipples show when it's cold?

(8) Question: Can you wear these bra under a dress

(9) Question: I'm looking for one that is a light skin tone color. is this close? i have the cream color and it is too light and shows through light color clothing.

(10) Question: Is the back lined as well as the cups? i am allergic to elastic and fabric blends, so i would like to know the fabric content of each part of bra

(11) Question: What's the fabric content, particularly of the lining (since that's against my skin). polyester and nylon are carcinogenic, so i'm hoping for cotton.

(12) Question: One more question: are they stretch straps? stretch straps make you bounce, . not good!

(13) Question: Are there any rough areas or poky spots on this bra? what does the inside look like?

(14) Question: Is this a demi or full coverage?

(15) Question: Are the cups padded?

(16) Question: Are they true to size. i have been buying 36b bras. when i measured my band is 36 and bust 41 which is 36d. confused on sizing.

(note) Question: where/how to get Bali (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Bali's products

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This bra is sized accurately, the underwire isn't noticeable til i've worn it many hours, the cup-coverage and soft fabric is what i like.

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Best bali women's passion comfort underwire bra (3383) in review

I've been wearing these bras for years. They are the most comfortable underwire bras for women with full figures. Very soft and no digging. The look of the bra is natural, not artificial.

N. Edna, North Carolina

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M. Guest, Montana says

First of all i purchased "giraff" and the photo had absolutely different color! . I got something white and yellowish-brownish instead! i hated it at first and didn't think i would ever use it. . The seller changed the photo later and this time it is more like the real one. . Not to count disappointment with color (i was hoping for much browner and better look), this bra turned out better in practice. It's a bit large in size, but very very smooth fabric and extremely comfortable. I do use it quite often and i like it. If you don't want extra support and are happy with more natural look under clothes, you'll like it too.

. Perez, East Riding of Yorkshire

Perfect! comfortable. I wash bras in a delicates washer bag and hang them to dry. I have washed this bra at least 20 times and it still looks and wears like new. Highly recommended.

Y. Alexia, Alabama says

Excellent in every way. I love this bra and actually will only wear this bra because of its combpfort and durability. I highly recommend it.

W. Cindy, Bourgogne

So far i like the bra. I must say that this is the first bra i ever worn where when i lay down they both stay inside the bra. With other bras when i lay down one of them fall out the bra. And i have to keep pushing it back inside the bra. I thought those women on tv had thheirs glued to the bra and that's why they didn't fall out. Well i'm glad i finally found a bra where they will always stay in place. I keep peeping at them after moving around and stuff to see if they need some adjustments but no they don't. So i guess i just lucked out and bought a soft comfortable bra that actually works this time. I m just extremely happy right now. I never knew bras like this existed. I just gotta get used to not looking down thinking that they're out of place since for decades i had to readjust them several times a day.

K. Barbara, Poole says

Great bra. I have trouble finding bras in white (not light beige or "skin tone") that i need for certain things. This is a very nice bright white. Fits pretty well - i like the stretch in the band - it feels comfortable but doesn't give so much that you feel like it's missing the point! the only thing i think would make it better would be a thin lining to camouflage the effects of cold weather! :)

F. Nielsen, New York

So comfortable and gives my breasts that round full shape i love. Great for under tshirts and very durable considering i dont wash or dry my bras properly. I did recently purchase a undergarments bag though. I think i found my brand finally, and i will purchase at least 2more.

J. Guest, Norfolk says

We are a family of women! (poor husband! ) all of us love this style bra. It is comfortable, fits well, lifts the breasts nicely and washes well. We have them in various sizes from 34dd to 44ddd and all of us love them.

R. Annette, Manchester

This and the minimizer bras are the only ones that i really wear anymore. They are so comfortable, i even sleep in them. These are stretchy, non-padded, lined bras, does not dig into my back/ shoulders. I think they are a mix between a bralette and normal underwire bra, and after my reduction surgery, these have been the next best thing to happen to my boobs. . If you are even thinking about it, do it.

E. Palmer, Mississippi says

I love these they are now the only bras that i will wear. I hate bra with padding or no support this bra has great support for a large breasted woman in her forties with children. It was a struggle for me to find a bra that could really fit but not make me look ridiculous. These are the perfect bras i have four of them black white leopard and pink and black polka dots - whoever makes them is genius

L. Patton, Ohio

Have worn this style for a long time but i was having an issue with coverage with the newer ones purchased. Went up one cup size and now seems to fit like the older ones did when new. Like the smooth appearance, especially under t-shirts. 34d previously; 34dd now.

S. Ruby, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

The title attracted me and the ratings persuaded me to purchase. I'm tired of being so uncomfortable in the underwire bras that i need. I decided to buy one and wear it all day prior to going on a trip. I love it! i usually wear my bras on the last hook but it was a little wrinkly at the top. I tightened one hook tighter and the wrinkles are almost gone. Sometimes i have trouble because i do not have big nipples. These are a dream! soft, not hot and get this i forgot about having it on! a dream for big busted women! try it!

. Guest, Kentucky says

Love it! very comfortable and supportive. I definitely need more than one because this is my new favorite and i end up washing it 3-4 times a week just to wear it again! very well made, hold up well in the washing machine!

P. Yvette, Southend-on-Sea

The first thing you notice when you slip this bra on is that it is soft and comfy against your skin. All of the elastic is enclosed in silky fabric. The underwires are perfectly placed for me (42d with a wide ribcage)and gives a nice natural rounded shape as opposed to that flattened, pointy look that you get with so many bras. . There is a bit of mashing or minimizing going on - but i think that is unavoidable in a supportive seamless bra. The cups are nice and smooth, not padded so probably a bit of nip show through when wearing a close fitting tee. . I am back to order another. My only concern is that these bras may lose their elasticity quickly. I will try to remember to come back and review that aspect in a few months.

. Wanda, Idaho says

I returned this bra because the material was just a little too revealing for my taste. It seemed to fit a little snug, but felt good because of the stretchy material; really hugs your body . . . But without much of a lining or light padding in the cups? no thanks, cold weather is coming and i don't want that kind of attention!

C. Hurst, District of Columbia

You know even though this bra was a little big in the cup it is a lovely bra! it fit perfectly around, the straps were great. They were comfortable and i could tell they would stay put. The cups were just a little too big up top. I'm 47 and i sadly not as perky. If your breasts are large up top this would be a perfect bra for you. Also, i have large nipples, not the areola but the nipples are very pointy and showed through. Ya, i said it. It's a shame really because the price was amazing, the quality was very good and it was soft and comfy.

U. Marguerite, District of Columbia says

Luv this super comfortable bra. Purchased it several times. It's great to wear all day.

G. Jessica, Saarland

I actually love the bra or else i would have returned it. It is a little bit tighter than i usually buy, but it offers great support and overall it is very comfortable.

V. Powell, Windsor and Maidenhead says

I'm curvy and this bra works well. I highly recommend !

H. McCarthy, North Dakota

I've been wearing these for about 3 years now. I love how comfortable they are. The underwire (when you order the correct cup size) sits against my breastbone, providing support and separation. These hold up very well (i wash in a bra protector from woolite in the washing machine, and air dry). The cup has two layers so it does help somewhat with hiding things when it's cold (wink, wink), but does not always do the job (i've only found bras that have a seam in the middle do that, and i don't like that the seams always show through clothing). . At any rate, i will continue ordering this exact product when mine wear out.

O. Hakala, Utah says

A bra for us b cup women who don't want extra padding-we already have what we want! it is the t-shirt bra that i have been looking for!

B. Zelda, North Tyneside

This has become one of my favourite bras. I am currently pregnant and it's so comfortable, i wear it pretty often. Maybe i'll become a little too big when my baby is born and done breast feeding, but for now, they are perfect.

. Glenda, Northumberland says

I am very picky when it comes to bras. Most do not fit me very well or are incredibly uncomfortable. This bra is perfect for me. It is comfortable enough for daily wear and it does what it is supposed to do. The materiel is soft and breathes well. The straps don't try to cut into my shoulders. This bra has a smooth outline so it doesn't show through clothes like some bras do. I like it so much, i plan on buying 1-2 more in the next few weeks.

. Bertie, Havering

Love these bras. I do not like elastic to touch my skin anywhere as i am mildly allergic and these are fully covered everywhere by very soft lingerie type fabric. These are the only bras i will wear and i keep buying more. I machine wash and dry and they hold up beautifully over the years. I highly recommend them.

Top /bali womens passion comfort underwire Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Z. Nielsen, Massachusetts says

I have worn bali bras in this style and size for years. This particular bra seemed to be of inferior fabric, stiff and itchy, as well as running a bit small. I checked it to see if it was truly a bali or if i accidentally bought an "off brand". It says "bali" on it. It's ok, but i don't love it.

D. Shawna, Texas

Comfortable (4/5 point): it is very comfortable as its name. Material (0/5): the inner liner is not made of cotton. Fitting (0/5): the cup size is too large for me, v. S. Fits better. Shape: (1/5): no padding at all. However i would like to recommend it to moms who is breastfeeding (although it does not have the "snap-on and off part"), i bet it will be a good combination with the lansinol nursing pads because you will need the extra space for the pads and engorged breasts. . Overall, it may be a good product for others, just not the right type for me.

E. Debra, Auvergne says

One of the cups was a little large for me - wrinkled at the very top. The cup material is much thinner than i expected. I have been wearing a barely there underwire in this size - 40 c - and just wanted this pretty pink color, but i sent the bali bra back. Got a barely there underwire in the same size and it fit beautifully. Very smooth and pretty under my tops. Just not pink!

W. Pamela, Northern Territory

I didn't like the way there is too much fabric that juts out under the arm pit, sides of the breast. I am true to my size but this was a bit disappointing

. Lynette, Indiana says

Very pretty and smooth fabric. Maybe i should have known from the 2-hook closure (rather than maybe a 3-hook closure) that this bra doesn't quite have the architecture to support a c cup. Worked pretty well for the first few wearings, but after being hand-washed a few times, it got a bit wobblier and rides up now in the back after a few hours. Still think it would probably be fine for an a or b cup.

O. Elizabeth, Bournemouth

Typical. Wires digging in arms! . When i first put it on it felt great, as the day progressed. The wires were digging in my arms. Dont do it! i also ordered a bra from "goddess". That bra dont have underwire but lifts great. The price is alot higher but i guess you get what you pay for in this circumstance.

V. Janice, Iowa says

I usually don't like padding. I got measured at maidenform and they stated i am a 36b. I made sure i was not an a cup b/c i am small. At maidenform i tried 36 a bras and they definitely were too small for me. I was convinced i was a 36b. So, i tried on a few 36b's and i liked it. Instead of buying at maidenform, i bought from online store this bra. Yes, it is padless with a wire. The wire is comfortable. The b cup sucks! as i wear it, there is sooo much room left in the cup. Its like i can fit another breast in there. Is this a ccup? i dont like it and i definitely don't recommend it.

. Rebecca, Sefton

I love bali bras, all my bras from them are the same size and fit so nicely. However, this particular bali bra is very small, tight and does not fit. It was a waste of my money. I'm quite disappointed because bali typically delivers a nice product for customers, but this bra fell very short! i am even wondering if there is a wrong label size on it. I wish they would replace my item as i cant wear this bra.

L. Annette, Florida says

I like this bra okay- but it definitely does not have any padding, which i was kind of disappointed about. I have a larger chest, so i don't need padding for size, but i like a little bit of padding to smooth everything and hide any nipple action. This bra is pretty much just a thin layer of fabric. It also a little more snug than i was expecting and does create a little bit of back bulge. All in all it's okay, but not my favorite.

. Anonymous, Hammersmith and Fulham

Where the cup meets the strap there were many folds of fabric. Apparently one needs "high and round" to fill this cup.

X. Hannah, Devon says

I don't find this bra to be comfortable at all - the underwire seems to cut into my rib cage. It is the proper measurement and size. I was also disappointed to find the cup itself to be very thin. I have a similar bali bra that is both comfortable and "lightly padded" (so as to avoid what my teen calls "nippage"). I wouldn't buy this bra again.

C. Valdez, Middlesbrough

I had ordered this one before and it was perfect, but this last one was way too small. Almost think it was mismarked, so i ordered another style, which i loved. Disappointed thought, because i really liked this one.

I. Garner, North Dakota says

I always wear victoria secret bras, but several friends suggested i try bali. After much hesitation, i ordered this bra. It was very small-i need a 36dd instead of a 36d. It was supposed to be lined, but the material was very thin and would showed everything through the bra. Plus, it wasn't supportive at all. I will be sticking with victoria secret full coverage lined bras!

K. Rhonda, Illinois

I've purchased many of this make and style bra at various stores and online. It's been my favorite for years and i have a whole drawer full of the same. Suddenly, the four i recently purchased here have cups that are too big. I've washed them several times, hoping that perhaps they'd shrink down but nylon don't really do that. The cups are just larger in diameter and baggy. Very disappointing.

B. Benton, Milton Keynes says

Didn't love either of these bras. Though they are comfortable the cups run a little large so they wrinkle on top even though i purchased a cup size smaller than normal. Fabric is single ply synthetic. Wouldn't buy again.

A. Perez, North Lincolnshire

I ended up returning it - which was disappointing because of all the positive reviews! i didn't like that there was essentially no padding. It looked silly. I also felt that it was a touch smaller around the band than other bras that i have of the same size. Such a shame.

U. Brendon, Hackney says

I purchased this off the good reviews i read. I am sending it back. I ordered the size always wear in bali but this one is too small, almost like a whole band and cup size too small or more! i alsp was thinking there was going to be more fabric on the front to avoid show through. Nope

. Elanor, City of Bristol

I've been wearing this bra style for years. It's amazingly comfortable and perfect for my shape. It gives good support without being a push-up bra, and the wide, padded straps are very comfortable on the shoulders. Most stores only carry a few colors, so i decided to buy some more here on online store. . I ordered two. The first thing i noticed is that there were no bali tags on them. There was just a single generic tag that didn't even say the name of the bra. In addition, they were stiffer and just not as soft and silky as a true bali passion for comfort bra. Still, i tried one on and it fit fine, so i figured it didn't matter if it was a copy. Wore the second one out of the house and oh boy. There was a sharp edge in the back that poked me all day. I wish i could have ripped it right off. I sent it back for a replacement and the replacement was fine, so i ordered two more. One of the replacements had the same sharp edge, and the second (the same size) was so tight i couldn't breathe. I took the bras and compared them to an authentic bali and i spotted small differences; for example, the part with the hooks on them was wider than normal. . So basically, out of 5 bras, three were not even wearable. If you're interested in this style, i recommend buying it in a real store.

Y. Sheila, Washington says

Did not receive what i ordered however the bra worked so i kept it and decided to order two more or the one i got by mistake. Hit the button to order again and this time got what was pictured (not two more mistakes) arrived. Ok tried on and they work. Problem this all began with a mistake. How that happened in the warehouse who knows, so that's why a 3 star.

H. Anonymous, Bracknell Forest

The "graduated push-up" is really a "squish them flat" in practice. The bra was too snug in the cup, leaving a cut-line at the cleavage which looks very tacky. The sizing was also too small, causing the middle of the bra to gap out instead of laying flat against the sternum. I am positive of my bra size - both by measure and the fact that my best-fitting bras are the size i ordered. This bra runs small by about one cup size. The band also felt a bit tight for the size. Product returned.

J. Rita, Hamburg says

Fit fine but i had to return because the material was thinner than i expected. I ended up returning it because i didn't feel comfortable wearing bra that thin to work

N. Michele, Maine

I try bali every so often and i'm on my quest to find a new bra to make me happy. I hate how in the pictures these bras look lower cut and then you get the bra and it's a couple giant cups that cover everything rendering low cut shirts impossible. I had this experience with this bra.

P. Gilmore, Indiana says

I didn t realize this bra isn t padded so definitely a heads up to women that like nipple privacy. Also, i ordered a 40dd but the one i got feels more like a 38dd so it s a bit snug. It fits though so i won t be sending it back.

. Sally, Massachusetts

I have another of this same model in a different color. It fits me perfectly. This one is noticeably about 1. 5 inches shorter in the band making it very tight

T. Gina, Ohio says

The 34dd is really tight maybe 36dd would have been better in this bra but usually 36dd is too big. This is the problem with ordering apparel and shoes online. Other than that the bra is nice. There is no unnecessary extra padding, it is lined but it's thin so if you get cold. Well, you get the idea.

Q. Guest, Nevada

So unccomfortable! band is too tight, yet cups wrinkle on the top but just barely graze the breast tissue on the side - so ordering up a band size would not work for me because the cups would not fit right in either c or d. Can't really blame the bra for that - it is not the right style for my breasts which are shallow and wide. But what makes this bra really uncomforrable is the "piping" that runs along the outside of the cup and on the insides of the straps. Very irritating to sensitive skin. And the straps seem tight, even let out all the way.

. Barbara, Leicester says

Cup size fits small, adjusting the straps did nothing to fix this. It was actually kind of painful, as it was squeezing my breast and smashing it back at the same time.

S. Guest, Minnesota

Previous experience has shown me to order up a band size with bali and i'm glad i did - but the cups are too big! it's not really comfortable for a full figure bra - rather narrow, unpadded straps that hurt my shoulders. I sewed darts i to the bra cups to make them fit better. My quest for a good fitting, comfortable bra continues - i won't be buying this one again.

M. Colleen, Redcar and Cleveland says

I was a fan of the no poke underwire, lightly lined, bra for years. That bra was discontinued (sob) so i ordered one smooth you and the passion for comfort underwire to try on. The one smooth you bra was perfect for me, and i ordered 3 more. The passion for comfort was a lighter, and to me, flimsier bra, so back it went to online store.

G. Emma, Montana

I am an "odd" bra size and so i usually have to find my bras online. When i do find my size, they are almost always white or beige (yawn! ) hey! even odd boobs like fun prints and colors too, so when i found this bra in my size in a pretty blue with polka dots, i was happy and ordered it. I already have bali bras, so i was sure this would fit. Unfortunately, it didn't. It fit well around, but the cups were all wrong and puckered at the top, obviously making it impossible to wear any type of fitted shirts. *sigh* back to the drawing board.

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