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Price was 14. The bra smelled like mildew. I had to wash it before using. It arrived in an online store box, and inside it was wrapped in a clear cellophane bag, which is part of the problem. The item was more than likely made in a country with high-humidity, and once sealed in plastic at the factory, the mildew (mold) began to grow. You couldn't see it, but the smell was overwhelming. Online store, please alert your suppliers not to package their goods this way, as this is the third time i've ordered clothing from online store and experienced the same problem. By the way, the bra is super comfortable, even in the heat of a hot, 104-degree summer's day, and offers amazing support, especially as i am large-breasted. Note: it has a 3-hook closure at the back. I would purchase the product again.

-V. Glenda

Women’s comfort revolution wirefree bra smart one flexible bra in easy-to-fit sizes, all great bali support. the unique fabrics and design offer fit flexibility out compromising great support for a perfect fit every time. now -bali women’s comfort revolution wirefree bra smart sizes

  • Feature: Simplified Sizing System, Making It Easy To Find A Size That Fits.
  • Feature: Knit-in Zones.

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Do not hesitate to buy this bra! it is phenomenal! the material is so soft - like a baby blanket. It is soooo comfortable and it gives a ton of support (i wear a 3x, and usually buy a 42 d). Due to prior surgeries, i can't wear an underwire bra, but it is so hard to find a nice bra with good support that doesn't have one. This bra is it! i am going to buy one in every color and pray they don't ever discontinue it. You won't regret getting this one! The Best womens comfort revolution wirefree ( Sep 2019 ) | Bali Women S Ia Bras-Bra Review Feature Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with Smart Sizes Cool comfort design. Simplified sizing system, making it easy to find a size that fits. Knit-in zones. Stretch fabric with targeted support. Helps keep you cool and comfortable .

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra With Smart Sizes Review (3484f)

I'm a breast cancer survivor, praise god. But the reconstruction has caused an issue with finding a bra that fits comfortably and properly. The reconstructed breast is flatter on top than the natural breast, so the one cup never fits right. This bra fits well, doesn't show a wrinkle, because it forms to the breasts. My only negative, which i did somewhat expect, is it rolls up some. I'm overweight, so it's not all the bra's fault. I love the cushion cover over the clasps! no digging or annoyance in my back. Overall, i'm glad i've ordered more of these. Best fit i've been able to find. -K. Carolyn

Bali Womens Comfort Revolution Wirefree

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Bali
  3. ClothingSize: 34
  4. Color: Parent
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.10 inches
    Length:6.30 inches
    Weight:0.19 pounds
    Width:6.20 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Bali Women's IA - Bras
  7. Model: 3484
  8. MPN: 3484F
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: 3484F
  12. Type: Apparel
  13. Category: BRA
  14. Size: 34

women's comfort revolution wirefree bra smart Apparel, One flexible bra in easy-to-fit sizes, all with great bali support. the unique fabrics and design offer fit flexibility without compromising great support for a perfect fit every time. now available in a new deco pattern with cooling to help keep you cool and comfortable. Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra Smart Sizes (3484-Bali).

Bali Womens Comfort Revolution Wirefree Apparel

  • These are my favorite bras, wireless, and great support. I have a rather hard to fit situation, having lost a great deal of weight due to having bariatric surgery. So, saggy and flat, but, still, i was not small before. I wear a wired bra size 34d, though i don't truly fill the cups. But a c doesn't work either. I have a lot of side area to um, support and fit. I hate wire bras. At the end of the day, they often dig in and are just not that comfortable. Sure, now and then i find one that works well and is comfortable. But overall. No. When i come home, i yank it off and yell in my head, freedom! . With this bra, i don't feel the need to do that. It is comfortable to wear, moves with me, and really does support. It also looks really good under clothing. The only thing is that it is a bit big in footprint. By that i mean that it comes up high in front, so if you have a low neck, a really low neck, so that normally you might see a bit of cleavage, instead you see a bit of bra. This lace one helps that, gives some pretty lace rather than straight up cotton. But that is one thing to be aware of with these bras. I have pretty wire bras for those clothes and occasions. But otherwise, these have become my go-to bras. I started wearing them for long travel days sitting on planes and in airports. I wear them when horse back riding and hiking and just about everything.
  • This is the most comfortable sports bra ever. I wore out my old sports bras. When i tried to find another one, i was disappointed in the availability (and cost) of what was out there. I am not a jogger nor am i a fitness expert. I just wanted a bra that i could wear while doing semi-active work. After ordering 3 or 4 bras from other makers, i got discouraged. I found this one on online store. Com and decided to give it a try. It is so soft and comfortable! even though it has hooks in the back, it is so stretchy that you can still slip it over your head while it is hooked together. Honestly, you can't even tell that it has hooks in the back. I ordered another one of them and as i continue to lose weight, i will order smaller sizes. I hope you like this bra as much as i do. I think you will.
  • Probable counterfeit product. Nowhere on the product or on the hangtags does it say bali. The bali bra that i bought at a bricks and mortar store that i thought i would get here also had a bit of supportive padding that is not present in this product; the cup construction is composed only of thin, stretchy fabric. This garment is comparable to an $8 item, not a $20 one. Will return and just get at store to get real brand name bali product.
  • This bra is all about comfort, definitely not style. A great piece to have for example when on a long overnight flight where any confinement at all feels doubly uncomfortable. . But other than that not too much to write home about:. The shoulder straps are non-adjustable, the back straps a bit on the short side - i usually close my bras by reaching to the back but this one i had to close in the front, then move it around to the back, it was just too much effort to close the other way as i had to pull too much. . And while i find side panels sometimes uncomfortable, especially when they have stiff plastic inserts (such as with the bali double-support wirefree model 3372) they definitely help with shaping. This comfort revolution bra has no such thing and does not do anything in terms of shaping. . Lastly, i find the underbreast band a bit too wide and found myself fiddling with it quite a bit because it rode up or curled. . All that said, the bra is quite comfortable but certainly nothing to wear under tighter fitting clothing due to the lack of flattering shaping. . Yes, would buy it again but strictly for comfort.
  • The most comfy bra ever. However for us older ladies with triple d. There really is no support. When you this size & upper in age they need a lot to keep them up. However i don't care if can not wear under wires they are the most uncomfortable thing i have ever worn and at 65 i'm all about comfort . I really give this bra a 5 rating for comfort.

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I absolutely live, live i tell you, in these bras. I have them in all different colors and as i've been loosing weight i've been buying them in smaller sizes. I have an extremely large bust size and people like me know that finding a good quality comfortable bra is a monumental chore. I'm 5'7 and my bra size was like a 40 g. I started out with the 2xl size and that worked great. Now i'm on the xl size and prob a triple d. I love these bras more than any i've ever found in all my 30 years of bra wearing!

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra Smart Sizes
Click to see NoticeBali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra Smart Sizes (3484f)"It is very hard for me to find anything comfortable as i have one shoulder lower and one breast much larger than the other. I also have curvature of the spine in the neck and shoulder area. Bras had to be adjusted all over, including ripping seams apart and sewing again to fit. One area would make another area useless. I usually have problems with pull overs with my bad neck and shoulders, but some of the reviews made me go hmmmm. I ordered one of these in navy to go with a lacy shoulder top i have. I want 10 of these. For some reason, it works for all my stupid physical problems. No more sewing, no more buying gel/silicone shapers or lifters or inserts. It's flexible, but retains its comfort. The straps fit perfectly as they are because of this flexibility. There are no cups, so nothing to fit into or make fit. If i wear something a bit snug, i can wear inserts with this. The girls are snug as a bug, and the comfort is ridiculously freeing."

(0) Question: A 46 c would be what size

(1) Question: I am a rural postal carrier and work in extreme temperatures. are these bras likely to "sweat" me due to the coverage?

(2) Question: I have read all of the reviews and so far, it looks too good to be true? ! ? is there a lot of 'bounce' while wearing this bra? thank you

BALI Comfort Revolution Lace Bralette

Light support, wire-free bralette with lace trim, comfortable, unlined molded cups with shirred center gore. Full coverage soft, seamless fabric flexes to fit, comfort, ribbed inner underband will not dig or chafe. Pullover styling with subtle lace detail at underband bali, style number: 103jl.

BALI Comfort Revolution Lace BraletteBALI-Comfort-Revolution-Lace-Bralette

Brand :    bali
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    103JL
Order click here :    -
  • Comfortable, unlined molded cups with shirred center gore
  • Light support, wire-free bralette with lace trim
  • Comfort, ribbed inner underband will not dig or chafe
  • Pullover styling with subtle lace detail at underband
  • Full coverage soft, seamless fabric flexes to fit
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for BALI Comfort Revolution Lace Bralette available ( Sep 2019 )

BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra With Smart Sizes

One flexible bra in easy-to-fit sizes, all with great bali support. The unique fabrics and design offer fit flexibility without compromising great support for a perfect fit every time. Now available in a new deco pattern with cooling to help keep you cool and comfortable.

BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra With Smart SizesBALI-Womens-Comfort-Revolution-Wirefree

Brand :    bali
Model :    3484
Order click here :    -
  • Stretch fabric with targeted support
  • Helps keep you cool and comfortable
  • Cool comfort design
  • Simplified sizing system, making it easy to find a size that fits
  • Knit-in zones
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra With Smart Sizes available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Designs Women's 2-Pack Microfiber Crop Top Bra

Bali comfort revolution microfiber damask crop top wire-free bra, this lightweight, bralette has wireless, soft cups with a ventilated knit-in area at center front to separate the breasts. In striped pattern or solid color with damask pattern at base of front straps. Made of stretch nylon/polyester knit. Straps are wide and do not adjust. Available in a convenient 2-pack.

Bali Designs Women's 2-Pack Microfiber Crop Top BraBali-Designs-Womens-2-Pack-Microfiber

Brand :    bali designs
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    X1J3
Order click here :    -
  • Feels like wearing nothing
  • Makes a great leisure or sleep bra
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Bali Designs Women's 2-Pack Microfiber Crop Top Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

BALI Designs Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree

Start a revolution of comfort and support in this seamless, wireless bra. Features knit-in zones for target support.

BALI Designs Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping WirefreeBALI-Designs-Comfort-Revolution-Wirefree

Brand :    bali
Model :    3488
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for BALI Designs Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Stretch underband for additional support
  • Covered elastic along neckline, arm openings and back for custom fit
  • Contour wireless cups have light foam padding for modesty, shape and support
  • Wide, covered elastic straps are non-slip, have the comfort-u design in back, and do not adjust

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra

The band of the small fits my 30" rib cage, but squishes the girls a little. The band of the medium is too loose and rides up in back, but fits the girls better. If i could cinch the medium band tighter, that would be ideal for me. The bras lay smooth on my back and don't pinch anywhere. Despite not fitting perfectly, (though as i expected:-) and needing some occasional tugging, both sizes are very comfortable. I wish it didn't cover up so high above my cleavage area though, it shows above the neckline of some shirts. Sometimes it looks ok (i hope, lol) if the color works, (black shirt, black bra). Clothing tape doesn't stick to the bra fabric, interestingly. The genie bra is cut a little lower.

The bali comfort revolution shaping wirefree bra provides all day comfort. Product features: bra foam cups provide support and shaping stretch fit built-up straps for comfort comfort u-design ensures stay in place back and straps nylon, spandex

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree BraBali-Comfort-Revolution-Shaping-Wirefree

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra (3488) FAQ.

Just back to order 4 more of these bras. I've been wearing a different style bali wirefree bra for several years. Several years of my life wasted! only sort of kidding. I never thought this bra would offer enough support but it does and it is so comfortable, plus it has just the right amount of padding to keep everything discreet while still being very lightweight. Also, it's a great price (for the light beige lace one, anyway, at least today). One more thing: it does create somewhat a unibreast in front (never had a wirefee bra that didn't), so it doesn't really separate well, but it seems to me to do a good job of keeping everything out front, instead of it pushing back into the arm pit area, which seems pretty miraculous for a bra with no underwire. I hope they hold up to the, uh, strain, since there is no adjustment in the straps. I got the 40d xl and the fit is fine. -Notice from G. Teresa, Doncaster

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I love the function, comfort and design of this bra. I had bought two in a local store, and liked them so much i got these additional two on online store at a much lower price than i paid even on sale in the store. When the bras arrived, i wondered if there could be something wrong with them since the price was so low, so i marked them on the back of the hooks tab so i would be able to see as i used them if there was a difference. I read a lot of reviews before ordering them, and there was a lot of discussion about pilling, and how to avoid or cause it, as well as discussion about how to wash and dry them, and how the two are related. I wash them in the machine on a delicate cycle and air dry them. After a while i notice blue pilling on the ones that were marked, but not pilling on the others. They are otherwise perfect, and the pilling is along the two sides, and no one would notice it, but i don't like it and wouldn't buy the same ones again from the same vendor or maybe at the same low price . If it were not for that, i would have given them 5 stars because it really is a great bra.

Bali-women's-comfort-revolution-shaping-wirefree-bra-(3488) set picture

- L. EleanorEdit 3/13/16:. After experiencing considerable back pain this week, i really needed a supportive bra for going out this weekend, and i decided to give this bra another try. Before putting it on i stretched the straps for about a minute each, and then periodically throughout the first hour of wearing it. I still got red marks on my shoulders, but not nearly as bad as before. I'm hoping with time i can stretch them out to a point where it's totally comfortable. Still the most supportive non-wire bra i've ever owned. . Original review:. Bottom line: this bra is making me consider breast reduction. I wanted to love this bra, i really did. But at the end of an 8-hour day, i had tire tracks over my shoulders and the pain was not worth it. . I'm 5'8", 150 lbs, and 38d (sizes i've owned range from 38ddd - 40c depending on the bra, ridiculous). I tried this on in a store and loved it. Loved it. It was more comfy than any of the other 25 bras i had tried on that day. I wanted to buy it right then and there, but then scanned the label on my phone and found it on online store for half the price. Score! i was so excited i bought 2. Oops. . It was comfy for about 5 hours. Then i noticed red marks on my shoulders, and pain spreading across my back and shoulders. The usual. My boobs are heavy, but comparatively speaking, not enormous - or so i thought. This bra got so many things right:. . *secure yet comfortable bottom band that won't let your boobs fall out from underneath. *padded back panel under the hooks. *soft interior. *fairly secure support, except apparently not. *decent-looking for a "comfort" bra. . But then there are the cons. . *shoulder straps are not adjustable, and they're very shallow. *shoulder straps are not padded. I feel like, with just a little length added on and a soft lining on the inner strap, it could be a perfect bra. . I got this in a size l, because i tried on the xl in the store and my boobs were falling out the bottom. . I think this may be the perfect bra for people with smaller boobs. But try it on before you buy and don't ignore red marks that appear within the first 15 minutes.

I ordered a number of these in different colors in both small and medium and found each bra had a different fit. There were inconsistencies even when ordering the same color and size. Some were larger in the cups than others. Additionally, some seemed well made, others had extra material in the front of the cups and others had slight pulls in the inside of the bra. One of the contenders which i am debating whether of not to keep, fits well but has a couple of very slight snags in the fabric on the outside of the cups. Not a deal breaker as it is but i'm concerned that it might get worse with washing. On a positive note, the three that i've worn and washed are very comfortable and are holding up well.

P. Joanna, Oldham

Brand :    bali
Color :    Parent
Size :    X-Large
Weight :    0.19 pounds
  • Hook-and-eye back closure. wider straps with our no-slip comfort-u design for stay-in-place straps
  • Front closure for easy fastening
  • Knit-in zones provide targeted support, comfort flex fit 4-way stretch fabric provides a flexible fit that shapes to fit you
  • Fall in love with bali comfort flex fit bras easy to fit smart sizes shape to fit you
  • Seamless design for comfort and no bra lines, wider straps with our no-slip comfort-u design for stay-in-place straps
Price :    —
Model :    3488
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

BALI Women's Active Classic Coverage Foam Wire-Free Bra

Go directly from the office to low-impact activities in this easy-breathing, wireless everyday bra. Made of polyester and spandex.

BALI Women's Active Classic Coverage Foam Wire-Free BraBALI-Womens-Classic-Coverage-Wire-Free

Price :    —
  • Bra featuring covered elastic underhand and seamless wireless cups lined with breathable foam
  • Two-ply stretch sides with covered elastic along top and bottom
  • Breathable mesh panel insets at sides of cups
  • Convertible straps
  • Hand wash, line dry
Brand :    bali
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    6570
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for BALI Women's Active Classic Coverage Foam Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

Bali comfort revolution wire-free bra

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree BraBali-Womens-Comfort-Revolution-Wirefree

Brand :    bali
Color :    Parent
Size :    34C
Weight :    0.5 pounds
  • Comfort-u back design helps keep straps in place
  • Back adjustable, close-set, stretch straps won't slip
  • Comfortable underband provides back and side support
  • Keep your natural shape with seamless foam-lined cups
  • Feel pretty in this delicately patterned wire-free bra
Price :    —
Model :    3463
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra With Smart Sizes

One flexible bra in easy-to-fit sizes, all with great bali support. The unique fabrics and design offer fit flexibility without compromising great support for a perfect fit every time. Now available in a new deco pattern with cooling to help keep you cool and comfortable.

BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra With Smart SizesBALI-Womens-Comfort-Revolution-Wirefree

Brand :    bali
Color :    Parent
Model :    3484
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra With Smart Sizes available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Helps keep you cool and comfortable
  • Stretch fabric with targeted support
  • Knit-in zones
  • Cool comfort design
  • Simplified sizing system, making it easy to find a size that fits

Barelythere Women's Microfiber Crop Top Replaced Bali 103J

I read all the reviews and ordered this as i wanted a comfy bra for around the house. Like they say, this is a very thin bra with little support and if that's what you need - then buy it. Very comfy but would not wear out unless you're very small.

Microfiber crop top with damask print knitted in on strap and center front

Barelythere Women's Microfiber Crop Top Replaced Bali 103JBarelythere-Womens-Microfiber-Crop-Replaced

Barelythere Women's Microfiber Crop Top Replaced Bali 103j (Barely There) FAQ.

I love these bras. You know you are not braless when you ahve them on, and no one is going to see you if you bend over. If you are looking for a pointed, shaping, great lift kind of bra, then forget it, but if you are looking for a comfortable bra where you forget you have one on, this is the bra for you. I am a large woman, order the extra large, and i don't have any problem with it riding up, rolling up or having to readjust all the time. They are the perfect fit for me an i love feeling free underneath my clothes. No cutting into the shoulders, no binding anywhere, it is stretch all the way. I have only ordered the light colored ones. I see some say the dark ones are different, but i know nothing about them. -Notice from E. Joanne, Barnet

Click to Show barelythere women's microfiber crop top replaced bali 103j (barely there) Details

Very good product. I am a believer in bali products. I needed something for around the house that is comfortable and has no closures. I would not wear it to go somewhere, but that would depend on a person's size. Anyway good buy.

Barelythere-women's-microfiber-crop-top-replaced-bali-103j-(barely-there) set picture

- X. OpheliaI just love these bra's. They are so comfortable to wear and they give me very good support. So nice and cool to wear in the hot summer. I plan on purchasing a few more. Make sure to order them in one size smaller than you usually wear in a top.

This bra works well as a sleeper bra, but provides zero support against gravity when you're standing vertically. I only use it at night time, so it works fine for me. It's comfortable to sleep in, it is easy to take on and off, and it's a very breathable fabric.

L. Elida, Arkansas

Price :    —
  • Seamless with no hardware to chafe or dig.
  • Soft, no-tag microfiber fabric.
  • Perfect leisure bra or sleep bra.
  • Silky bralette-style crop top with four-way stretch for all-day comfort.
  • Create a matching set with our comfort revolution seamless microfiber panties.
Brand :    barely there
Color :    *
Size :    *
Model :    103-White-X-large
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Barelythere Women's Microfiber Crop Top Replaced Bali 103J available ( Sep 2019 )

BALI Designs Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree

Start a revolution of comfort and support in this seamless, wireless bra. Features knit-in zones for target support.

BALI Designs Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping WirefreeBALI-Designs-Comfort-Revolution-Wirefree

Brand :    bali
Model :    3488
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Covered elastic along neckline, arm openings and back for custom fit
  • Contour wireless cups have light foam padding for modesty, shape and support
  • Stretch underband for additional support
  • Wide, covered elastic straps are non-slip, have the comfort-u design in back, and do not adjust
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for BALI Designs Women's Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree available ( Sep 2019 )

BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Flex Fit Foam Wire Free Bra With Smooth Tec Band

Made with shiny fabrics that are smooth under clothing and a wire free, smooth tec band. This new addition also offers the same benefits expected from a comfort revolution comfort flex fit style. Style 6549.

BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Flex Fit Foam Wire Free Bra With Smooth Tec BandBALI-Womens-Comfort-Revolution-Smooth

Price :    —
  • V-neck bra with floral topline trim and convertible/adjustable straps
  • Comfort flex fit
  • Smooth tec band provides comfortable support
Brand :    bali
Weight :    0.33 pounds
Model :    6549
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for BALI Women's Comfort Revolution Flex Fit Foam Wire Free Bra With Smooth Tec Band available ( Sep 2019 )

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After putting this bra on i immediately questioned why in the world i haven't found this sooner! this is the most comfortable and supportive bra i've ever owned. After breastfeeding two kids finding a bra is pretty depressing because your breasts are not where they are supposed to be :). This bra actually gives support in all the needed areas without the constructing wires i usually need to hold my babies where they belong. I'm truly amazed at the support but it's the comfort that has won me over. Usually you sacrifice support for comfort or comfort to have support but this bra has both and it is wonderful! i am writing this review then purchasing several more because i am a believer. . Update: this is my fifth bali bra that i've purchased recently and intend to continue to buy these they are so comfortable.

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(0) Question: Would it work for a 34f. what size?

(1) Question: I have just had a partial mastectomy and will start radiation in couple weeks. will the fabric of this bra cause irritation on sensitive area?

(2) Question: Does the fabric under the boobs fold up during the day? i've had that issue with some bras and just hate that.

(3) Question: Is the fabric of the cup area thick enough to hide nipples showing through?

(4) Question: I saw a suggestion that a person who wears a 34f should try a xxxl. wouldn't that make the band too large? is this supportive enough for an f cup?

(5) Question: Will their xl fit a 40g?

(6) Question: Does this bra have the foam cups?

(7) Question: So. a 32f. what size?

(8) Question: Would a 44b be a large or x large?

(9) Question: Measurement around my back going under my breasts is 38 1/2. measurement around fullest part of my breasts is 45 1/2. what size am i ?

(10) Question: What is the model of this item

(11) Question: Do nipples show through on this bra?

(12) Question: Is this item pullover or snap?

(13) Question: Is this style 3381

(14) Question: I am a 32dd, what size should i order?

(15) Question: 36a would be an xs?

(16) Question: I wear a 36g, what size should i order, or is this. ra not for me?

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This bra is the epitome of comfort, while still providing support. I've experimented in the past with pullover-style bras (termed by their maker "saturday bras") but found they flattened out the girls, creating a sort of uni-breast, just as old-style athletic bras did. The comfort revolution has two great advantages: it's engineered to "lift and separate" and it has a hook-and-eye closure, making it a million times easier to get on. I strongly suggest hand washing this bra (and every other one you own) to keep it working for you as long as possible. I'll be ordering a few more comfort revolutions to make sure one's always available.

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Best bali women's comfort revolution wirefree bra smart sizes (3484f) in review

I love these bras, and i'm not easy to please when it comes to boobwear! i'm a solid 34dd, and let's just say my bust is heavy and gravity-prone. I've always worn bras with underwire (often minimizers with several rows of hooks) that feel like that feel like stiff, scratchy harnesses - just to get enough support. Then when i was pregnant, i had to give up underwires because they didn't sit right with a big round belly underneath, and i got wirefree nursing bras to prevent blocked ducts, and in the midst of all of that i discovered this bra. Actually i first discovered it when i was pregnant, then rediscovered it in my drawer after a year of nursing, ready for an occasional alternative to clip-down nursing bras now that i'm doing it less often. . For those with concerns about the bras sold here being knockoffs, the first one i got was at macy's. It was on a big display rack filled entirely with this one style of bra, all with bali tags attached, but no bali logo printed on the bra itself. That was actually a concern when i started looking online to find more - special thanks to the reviewer who included a photo of the inner band with all the printing! that helped me to be sure i would be getting the same thing i already had. I ordered 3 bras in size m, all with the same retro diamond print to be as similar as possible to my first one, just different colors. Love the zen blue, i'm wearing it now! i only got colors that were available through prime, so i can't vouch for options that come from other sellers. . This is a comfy, soft bra that's surprisingly supportive and non-uniboob-forming for what it is. I love that it stretches to conform to my shape (foam cups have never worked for me). Okay, so i wouldn't wear it out to a nice dinner or to work. But for puttering/lounging around the house, running errands, or any other time i want to be comfy and casual, this is the best i've found. It's what i imagine it feels like to go braless for those with perky busts that don't need any support. A girl can dream! ; )

G. Anonymous, Basse-Normandie

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U. Sheila, Montana says

So, i used to be super fit & a full c cup. Now, i am older, not-too-fit, and a dd. With cushion around my torso (straps dig in) and heavy breasts (straps really dig in) and super sensitive skin (every tag, seam, thread bugs the heck out of me), i have had a miserable time shopping for bras that don't torture me every day. It has been a long road, and i have tried so many bras that i can't remember them all. $100 bras, discount bras, sports bras, "grandma" bras - every bra 'round the sun. Additionally, i don't like underwire (both uncomfortable and i'm concerned about blocking the lymph nodes & links to cancer), and i am still vain enough to want a bit of lift and shape. I came across this by accident at ross - bought my first one for under $7! and. I sang - literally sang - hallelujah! it is comfortable all day long! all day! really! it is soft, nothing itches or pinches, it provides just enough lift and support, and i love this bra! (i usually hate my bras so much that i take them off as soon as i get in my car after work - i can't even wait until i get home! ) i bought the only two they had at ross (they were slightly different styles, but both the wirefree-comfort-smart sizes), and now have ordered 4 more through online store. I will keep buying them as i find them. This bra makes me so happy! . . I am 5'4", 170 lbs, wear a 38dd and have both a large and an xl in the smart sizes. The large fits fine - i bought the xl only because it was all they had at the time. Thank you, bali!

C. Cortney, Arkansas

Okay, let me get this out of the way . It is not sexy, not particularly flattering, doesn't provide much "lift" and no, i am not one of the lucky owners who forgets that i'm wearing it. . So here's the low-down: i am a 34 yr old, mom of two. I had a breast reduction in '97 and then recently breastfed my kids for about 3 consecutive years. Lol, nothing seems to still be in its original place! i come home everyday and one of the first things i do is take off my bra. In fact, in the mornings or when i'm home on the weekends, i try to never wear a bra - i have to scramble to throw one on when the doorbell rings, etc. Most bras with underwire and a little padding tend to give me a nice shape but dig into my sides and hurt my back. . I'm 5'2", 105lbs and 34b+ . I purchased the small and the cups do have some room left. Also the straps are wide at the shoulder and tend to "fold" on me and don't always lay completely flat under my clothes. . Great value for the price - if you're searching for a good (not amazing), comfortable bra, look no further. Overall the bra is the most comfortable i've owned. I initially purchased one in nude and one in black but will buy more . Maybe this time in xs.

P. Judith, Redcar and Cleveland says

I have a love/hate feeling about this bra. I've bought 3 so far & am here to buy a fourth so i thought i should write a review. First with perimenopause i feel more fussy than i used to. ; ) i can't stand anything scratchy or uncomfortable. This is the most comfortable soft bra i have found! but, i use it only for home, yoga, walking, biking, camping, sleeping. I'm talking non vigorous only! it provides enough support for those uses imo. The straps will stay where you put them if you have shoulder pain from large girls. ; ) now the dislike. I'm sure this bra would look fine on perky breasts, but it flattens & spreads my girls out on me, not flattering! but i did nurse 3 children. :) so i won't wear it anywhere else, i would be embarrassed. It washes well, i put them in a mesh bag & hang dry. These kind of bras just don't have a long life span if you where them constantly. It's best to rotate them, i found it gives the fabric time to recover from being stretched. P. S. I went to the bali website they have a cool bra size calculator, i didn't trust the chart. You measure yourself enter the measurements & it tells you what size. Perfect! i was surprised a 36d or 38c was a medium. Hope this is helpful to someone. :)

T. Palmer, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

I don't consider myself to be a big girl but this 3x is the bomb. I am 5'2" and weight is 170. Fits my cup size and around the chest very comfortably. I can breathe and it doesn't feel tight on me like other bras do. I can't recommend sizes for anyone but know that the 3x works great for me. It is uplifting and comfortable and has held up well. I just wish they were cheaper so i could buy more. Also wish the 3x would come in more colors. I only have the black one and white one.

. Dorothy, Newcastle upon Tyne says

Notice that the reviews are mostly positive. I love this bra. Here's a twist: i am a breast cancer survivor- double mastectomy. I wear prostheses. Mastectomy bras are ugly and don't give me a good silouette. I tried using underwire bras but they weren't comfortable. This stretchy, soft bra does the trick! who knew? my prostheses are c cup size, so if anyone uses a bigger size prostheses, i don't know if this would hold up. Also, i wonder if different colors/fabrics might have a different fit. I purchased the plain white and am ordering this color and black (both plain). I did some quick research because my tags say hanesbrands, not bali. Hanes owns bali. Makes no difference to me. Just saying "aaahhhh, at last". Ps, i got my prostheses with "headlights". Really dislike those foam cup bras that make women look like bots.

W. Ruby, Liverpool

I bought several of these bras many years ago and didn't realize how great they were until they were almost worn out. It took me a while to find them again, so i'm slowly replacing all my worn out bras with new ones. . This bra is great! it has no underwire, because the fabric is woven to fully support without pinching or compressing. If you use the zoom feature on the picture, you can see how the fabric is more closely woven in the support areas and more rounded and stretchy in the coverage areas. . This bra truly is a revolution. It completely lives up to its name. This is the only bra i will ever buy again.

Q. Megan, Maine says

I am a victoria secret 34d, i ordered a small and it fit perfectly. My bubs are:. +more separated, i like vs bras because they pull them together the little bit i need for them to look how the models look in the pics. +drop like. + i've never had kids but i still don't have the perky bubs i wish i did, you can definitely leave a pencil under them at it will stay in place. + i would say i'm not super small but not that big either. + they come out a little bit from my sides so the wire is a most for me to make that division under my arms and make them look like the only come out from my front. . Now, about the bra. I absolutely love it! it's close enough to a bra for me to use with most of my close. Pros:. +super soft fabric and soft in most edges. + it makes the boobs look nice and perky and eliminates the uniboob look. + it's the most comfortable bra i've ever worn. . Cons:. - my sides are not as parted as i would like but still it does a good job. I'll probably go back to my wired bras for tight shirts. - it is true that the lower part of the front folds in, it happens only when i sit. But really, i don't mind, and i'm a very uncomfortable person. - i am around 5'2, petite. And the shoulder straps could be a little shorter. Nothing that my sewing machine can't fix. They are also a bit harsh on the edges. I think this is my least favourite detail overall. . This is the bra i liked the most of the 3 i bought from bali, the other ones did not fit, but still i think i can tell this is the one that works for me the best. . I also ordered:. Bali women's comfort revolution shaping wirefree bra with foam cups in medium // reviews said it tended to be small. Not true, it's on the bigger medium. Bali women's comfort revolution wirefree bra 36d // i ordered this size because of the reviews. It was huge for me.

A. Ruff, South Australia

I'll admit, i was pretty cautious about buying a bra from online store. I've never had good luck finding one that fits well and i would always insist on trying them out before buying. But this time i got desperate. . I find most bras to be constraining and annoying. I'm a full -figured woman and it would be completely indecent for me to go without a bra. After 3 kids my rack has taken a beating. I recently ditched all of my old nursing bras and needed something new. I was desperate to find something but had no time to hunt at a store. So i turned to online store. A quick search led me here. . So about the bra. . The pros:. . Cost. I got this bra for just over $16. Not that big of a risk if you ask me. I've spent more on bras that i've gone on to throw away a month later. . Comfort. This is made of stretchy material so it forms to your breasts. Perfect for those with uneven tatas. Also, i am on the cusp with two sizes so i ordered up just in case. Glad i did. The fit is great. I imagine i'll have to downside soon once this baby weight is gone, but until then it works. . Oh, and i like the color i bought and it looks like online store has just about any color you need. . The cons:. . Thin. The reports are true. It is made of a thin material so you will probably have a bit of nip peeking through a t-shirt on a cold day. For me, i can live with that. What i can't live with is a wire poking at my lung, a tight strap digging in my shoulders or a hook scratching at my back. . I seriously can't think of another area for improvement. . I really love this bra and will be buying more in different colors. I hope they keep making them because it's all i will wear now.

S. Nielsen, Wisconsin says

After 8 hours of continuous wear, i pronounce this bra to be: super-duper mega-comfy! made my seriously sad and saggy girls have their first uplifting experience in a long, long time. I have become bra-adverse in my old age. Even sports bras were digging in; plus they gave me the dreaded uniboob look. So i have tried camis, bralettes, bed-bras, and tube tops. None of those were particularly comfortable or flattering. This is the first comfortable garment that i have put on in ages. It provides decent support without digging in or constricting. I am not seeing any bulges under my armpits or around my back. I

. Zelda, Bremen

These are my favorite bras hands down - tossed all my others! sort of a cross between a sports and a regular bra. They use something called "smart sizes" and come in two variations, padded (3488) and not (3484). This is the non-padded one. It is more comfortable than the padded version, but is more susceptible to the "headlight" effect in tight tees. I am in my 50's and take a 36b, and that is right between a small and medium. I have both. The small is great for a medium-support sport-bra fit, and the medium makes incredibly comfortable all-around bra. . (addendum) i purchased two colors of this bra. The white one is just as i expected, but, the nude ones, which came after i wrote this review, are smaller and the fabric less soft. None of this style have bali written anywhere on the bras themselves, but the nude color's tags are not the same shape as the white's and they have no size-chart tag. The nudes are far less comfortable.

D. Cageen, Utah says

First, here's how the "easy sizing" works:. . Small: 34c, 34d, 36b, 36c. Medium: 36d, 36dd, 38b, 38c. Large: 38d, 38dd, 40b, 40c. Xl: 40d, 40dd, 42c, 42d. . I wear a 34c+, so i got the small size. Soft, seamless design makes this bra so comfortable! the ingenious knitting gives good shaping. The bra gives good support, and i love that there's no padding. There are no buckles on the straps, and the one seam on the strap is flat and smooth. The material by the hooks may be a little scratchy. This varies from bra to bra; some are smooth. But if you hook on the center or inner loops, there is no problem. I wear this bra all day. It's just wonderful. Also sold at kohl's as bali comfort revolution wire-free bra with smart sizes-3484. It comes in all kinds of colors there. Also jcpenney calls it bali wirefree comfort revolution sure fit bra-3484. I am so happy with this wirefree bra.

O. Helen, Virginia says

This is a very comfy bra, but it is not "supportive" for larger chests. So fellow big breasted ladies, don't be deceived by the picture depicting a perfectly supported bosom. I'm currently a 40 dd and the xl is a good fit for me. It's a great bra to wear around the house or running errands, but it lacks shape/support for any nicer outfits. Also, it is very thinly padded so think twice before wearing it in the cold! i bought 2 once they fell below $11 here on online store. If you're looking for a casual, comfy, around-the-house bra, this is a good one. Just don't expect any "lift" and certainly don't try to run anywhere!

. Joanna, Isle of Wight

So here it is. I have been a fan of many wonderfully, well made bras from online store for years. But, this gem, omg. My ladies not only fit, but the comfort is above and beyond the call of duty. I am going to write what every review should include. I am in my mid 60's, had breast reduction surgery twelve years ago. Went from a 36 g to a lovely 35-6 small c cup. Then, had a medical issue where i couldn't work out for nearly two years. Gained weight, now a 38-40 c cup. Purchased two of these in a size large. Again, 5'5", 168, no torso, all legs. I am a swimmer so my back is larger than my hips (however, all parts of my body are playing catch-up. ). The large is so very comfortable that i am perplexed that it has actually been on my body for 15 hours. And i am thrilled that it is the most comfortable bra ever. No underarm spillage and though, my girls are still a bit high and well formed, this bra is the only one that helps them feel better and oh so happy. In all honestly, i could have purchased a size medium, as the stretch, while flexible is still supportive, not tight. Wow, i have not been compensated, received a reduction in price, or any of those things customers are blessed with. I would never review a product for compensation. This long, hopefully educational review will give you insight into the size you might like and the overall fit best for you. I have never been this happy with any other well made and comfy bra at any price. Try it, you'll love it. Thank you online store for another winner!

H. Guest, Hillingdon says

I don't write reviews. I am too lazy for it, so that tells you how much i love this bra. I am a size 34 c/d who has had 2 children and lost over 100 lbs. Therefore i have a lot of skin laxity, and my breasts aren't "full" or "firm", so bras with no under wire or shape just mash me down and i cannot get a feminine or natural silhouette. (seriously - i hate bras. They are so wildly uncomfortable, yet we have been living with this discomfort for most of our lives and it barely registers how uncomfortable we truly are! ) i began wearing almost exclusively sports bras a couple of years ago just because i hated the feel of my underwire or padding or adjustable straps, even though sports bras did nothing for my figure. And then the clouds parted, and heaven opened up and lo - an angel of the lord appeared holding the bali comfort revolution wire free bra style 3484. I don't know how it is possible but this bra is so comfortable you almost feel naked, yet it supports and it gives a natural shape. This is the best. Bra. Ever. And i immediately went out and bought a bunch more. I was very skeptical, but it works and feels just like the picture. If i have to complain about something i suppose that if you are someone who wears very thin knits or silks and are concerned about "headlights", an unlined bra like this may not be for you. I don't give a flip about my headlights, but if i had a problem, i suppose bandaids might do it. It is a double layer of fabric, so not super duper thin, and only in my flimsiest shirts would i feel i needed more coverage. Bottom line - who in heck cares how sexy or pretty your underwear is if you are miserable, uncomfortable, fighting with straps, popping out the bottom, top or sides? ! get this bra and join the comfort revolution!

J. Sherry, Waltham Forest

I decided to try this "non-foam-lined" bali wirefree bra, thinking it would be a tad cooler in the caribbean on vacation. So, it has arrived, and it fits (i know they stretch out as you wear them, until you wash them again) and it feels light & airy. I normally wear a soma 40ddd in the vanishing back style, or a 42dd in the embraceable style (both are foam-lined and underwire), but as i get older (53 now) i find my old favorites bother me by rubbing on my side ribs.

M. Walsh, Lincolnshire says

In regular bras i am a 36c, but ordered a large. It fits me perfectly. It is comfortable, and the foam means that you won't have to worry about your nipples poking out the fabric when it is cold. I treat it primarily as a lounge and casual day bra. If the pricing comes down on some of the other colors i will buy more. It does manage to offer some shaping and lift without an underwire, and while the reviewer that mentioned that sometimes the straps bunch up a bit and create a kind of bulge is right, i've found a quick tug fixes it for a good while.

N. Harrison, Schleswig-Holstein

I've always worn the bali (hanes) barely there microfiber bras because they were the most comfortable bra i've found, but as i've gotten older and heavier they were giving me absolutely no support at all. In order to get the support i needed, i had to wear a small, which gave me more support and they stretch to fit, but weren't quite as comfortable and the straps were pulling on my shoulders too much. I decided to attempt to find a more supportive bra, and tried quite a few different ones that i ordered from online store, because it is so easy to return them if they don't fit. I did try going to the store to find a bra, but the selection was just overwhelming, and i found it much easier to shop on online store so i could see the reviews. My trouble is that although my measurement is 36, most bras with a 36 inch band were too small, although the cups fit well. When i tried bras with larger bands, the bands fit well, but the cups always increased in size accordingly, so the bra fit well, but the cups were way too large. It was virtually impossible to find a band size/cup size that worked for me. Plus they all felt like i was wearing a harness rig. So i tried this bra in an xxl and was totally amazed! the band and straps are incredibly soft and so comfortable and fit perfectly with no more tugging on my shoulders. I actually forget i'm wearing it at all. It's more of a sports bra style, so the cups are nice and snug and give me way more support than the barely there bras i have been wearing. Although for a lot of women the support may not be enough, it's plenty for me and way more than what i've been used to. I might even be able to go down to an xl if i wanted more support, but i'm really happy with this one and don't want to compromise comfort for support! this is a really good everyday bra - i did try one of the bali women's comfort revolution shaping wirefree bras, and it's also very comfortable with even more support, so i'll save that one for special occasions when i need the support. The bali comfort revolution bras are awesome and i'm very happy i finally found what i was looking for!

L. Cassella, Brent says

So glad i came across this bra. It's literally years to find something comfortable! i gave four stars (which was generous) because there is a foul odor (smells like mildew) in all the bras. I returned the first order and reordered them, hoping it was a one-time issue, but the replacements are no better, so i'm assuming it is a manufacturing issue. Hand washing didn't help and i will try machine washing in a lingirie bag. I don't want to send them back because i love the fit. Hopefully the washing machine will solve the problem otherwise out they go.

Z. Wilson, Hounslow

I purchased this bra because i needed a comfortable, wireless bra to wear after a biopsy and possible surgery. I wear a 38c and in this bra i ordered an xxl. It is very comfortable, and i was able to sleep in it. The cups are a little big, but i needed the comfort of the band. I wear it on the last hook, making it the widest sizing. Very soft and washes nicely, padding does not pucker. I ordered three colors, they are all beautiful. The straps are not adjustable, but for me they are perfect as they are. I got it at a great price. Prices vary according to color and size. I accidentally ordered the same bra, but without the padding and had to return it because i needed the protection of the padding on my breast. I will be wearing this bra a lot, even for excersize. Highly recommend.

R. Claudia, Wolverhampton says

So, before i say anything else i'd advise you to get one of these and try it. It's wonderful to wear a soft bra that holds you up without wires! and the price is reasonable enough to try it. . The one thing that really bugs me is that in back, where the hooks are, it itches me. I thought it was some printing on the fabric, so i washed it and it still bothers me. I am wearing it, though, to see if it will soften up over time. I think it's a little strip of fabric right there by the hooks that is making my skin feel sensitive. . That said, it's still more comfy than my old wired bras! and i don't feel i have the uniboob look. Get one and see what you think-i will probably order another to try a second one. . And i got a size medium-reluctantly because i have been wearing 38c wired bras and i usually wear a large t-shirt/blouse. Medium didn't seem to be right, but i think it is. I think large would be too big for me.

Top /bali womens comfort revolution wirefree Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

K. Veronica, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Based on other reviewers' experience, i had very high hopes for this bra. Unfortunately, it has not lived up to my expectations. I am still searching for a comfortable, attractive, wire-free bra at a reasonable price. I wear 34b in bras sized that way, so i ordered an xs. Other reviewers seemed to think it runs large. I don't find that to be the case. It is uncomfortably tight, even on the last hook, yet i wouldn't want the cups to be any larger. The bottom band rolls on me. I am about 5' 5', 130 pounds, so not a large person. I will not buy another one of these and can't recommend it.

N. Gladys, Western Australia

I'm fall between a 36dd & a 38d so i ordered a large. The bra fits well but it's not really what i was expecting. I was hoping for a good, wireless bra with support that looks like the picture. What i got is akin to a middle of the road nursing bra (without the special straps). This bra is very comfortable and can be worn day in and day out. But on the other hand, it looks like i've got the wonderful uniboob as if i'm wearing a cheap sport bra. Much of my opinion could be due to the fact that this is the first wireless bra i've purchased (aside from sports or nursing bras) but my expectation was that the cups would provide a more defined look as opposed to the sloppy, almost saggy look this bra provides.

L. Lisa, Missouri says

Very comfortable. I have a few of these that i wear around the house only. I don't wear it out since it doesn't do a good job at concealing your nipples. And it doesn't have any lift support. Another problem with these is that they start to look worn after a couple uses. It gets fuzzballs all over itself. And starts to look horrible. So, it's a good bra for around the house but not for wearing out or in front of anyone else. But so comfortable.

B. Connie, Georgia

While i like the way the bra looks on the model, and that it has no underwire, in actuality, it is shapeless and almost acts as a band of nylon around my body. Because of the all-synthetic content, and also because the fabric is 2-ply, it's very uncomfortable and causes me to perspire. It also seems to run a bit large. Unfortunately, i purchased two of these and can not now return them. I would not purchase this bra, again. I have purchased 2 better options on online store which have cotton content that i like much better:. 1) la isla women's cotton full coverage wirefree non-padded lace trim plus size bra. 2) bali women's double-support cotton wire-free bra 3036

H. Russell, Idaho says

As i wore it a few more times, the straps began to get itchy and to cut into my shoulders. Since this is a very no-support style (it isn't trying to hold up my boobs, just keep 'em separate from the ribcage), and i am quite petite, i expected the straps to be too long, if anything. But no they are very very short. It fit fine in every other way but this part is extremely uncomfortable. Between that, and the increasing itchiness of the fabric, i'm throwing it away. It also pilled like crazy when washed, even though i put it in a lingerie bag and air-dried it. Very poor quality.

D. Evelyn, Victoria

Fit well, easy to pull over even though there are clasps to hook. The only drawback was that the fabric snags on everything. Rings, bracelets, and even fingernails. I got it out of the bag and it was snagged. I am not wearing it to the pool so i don't care, but it is why i rated it 3 stars. . I am a 40dd or 42d and the fit was good. . Chose the color because it was less expensive.

O. Shirley, Liverpool says

You get what you pay for. This bra looks comfortable, but is not suitable for women over a size b cup. Just not enough structure to make it fit well and look flattering. I returned it immediately.

T. Carol, New Mexico

It isn't really large - just a very poor fit for me. This provided no support at all. I had to return it. Sized bras are best for this 38dd. I will replace this with an under armour. Some things are worth paying more for.

X. Sarah, Worcestershire says

I order a beige size medium and it fit like a dream. I washed and dried it before wearing and wore it for over 20 hours and boy was it comfortable. It was so comfortable that i decided to order 2 white and 1 black in medium. Just as before i removed the tags, washed and dried them and proceeded to wear one of the white ones. It was so uncomfortable. It dug into my shoulders so bad that i had red indentations. It was horrible. So when i got home i took a look at my new bras and compared them to the beige. The white ones were smaller than the beige and the black one was much much smaller than the beige. It's a pity that i removed the tags and washed them. I would so return them if i could. So out of the 4 bras i purchased only one actually fits. I thought the price was good but it turns out that the only one i can wear now costs nearly a $100. Shame!

F. Anonymous, Lorraine

I read the reviews and knew this bra would not give great support for a fuller figure(38dd), but this bra gave absolutely no support. I had high hopes that it might give some support and would be comfortable around the house. It's probably fine for an a or b cup. I guess i'll have to stick with underwire bras.

W. Betty, Manitoba says

Oh please. This is not a woman's bra. This is a training bra. Ridiculous small and the branding is all wrong. Beware your purchase!

C. Pete, Stockport

I received the bra yesterday, it was not in any official packaging and had no tags, it was just crumpled up into a mailer. The seller was ny lingerie just for reference. There was no odor as some previous reviewers mentioned and i did wash the bra immediately after receiving it, if it was stored out of a package, who knows what it's come in contact with. The bra fits, but nothing like the picture used in the description. There is no lift and hold to this bra, there's a tiny bit of support that makes it a comfortable lounge bra, but it's nothing i'd be caught dead out of the house wearing. The breast is flattened at the top from the elastic - the shoulder straps fit too loose to hold the breasts up properly into a nice shape. There are no tags, no markings on the bra to indicate branding - no bali logo anywhere to be found. The fit and shape are not like the picture and the quality of fabric is questionable and i've come to the conclusion that this is a counterfeit product. This is dollar store quality, i'd expect way better from bali. In summery - it's a comfy lounge/sleep bra but it's not much good for daily wear.

P. Megan, Minnesota says

The band is too large, i wear a 36ddd so i fit into a medium. I had to put it on the tightest hook to get to fit and the straps are way too long but not adjustment. I knew it wouldn't be for everyday for someone as busty as me but the image shows someone with some bust and the straps don't fit that way - they stretch - the material for the straps need to have some less stretchy material for it be any type of wearable bra.

M. Angela, Queensland

I bought this exact bra in a different color, and loved it. So naturally, i bought it in grey. When it arrives, i discover it is way too small, and doesn't fit. Returning it didn't seem worth the hassle, but i am bummed. I was planning on buying it in all the colors, but not if the sizing is so inconsistent. I took a closer look at the labels, and found ten materials differ between the two bras (but not the style number). The grey one has polyester, the beige one did not (only nylon and spandex).

. Anonymous, Bayern says

I bought this bra because i have really bad reflux and my underwire bras were killing me. The bra fits well in most ways. I got a medium and i'm a 36d. Good coverage, nice on the sides (no spill out! ), doesn't push on my shoulders. However, the bottom rolling up is extremely annoying. I am constantly trying to adjust it. While teaching a lesson to a high school student, i noticed myself grabbing at it several times because the boy looked at what i was doing. Very embarrassing! i would not buy again for certain. It's a huge design flaw. And when it rolls up it makes it really tight which aggravates my reflux, which is the whole purpose for me!

V. Bethany, Alsace

It is comfortable, but not very supportive and not at all what i expected. I expected more support and cups. From the picture this bra looks very supportive and like it has cups. The bra i got is more like a stocking type of bra in the form of a sports bra without any support. This is a great bra for launching around, but not a sports bra.

U. Campbell, Prince Edward Island says

The straps on this bras aren't adjustable, which is a huge design flaw because the straps are also not set in far enough from the side. So, for me, the straps do not stay up. Which is not acceptable to me. I hate constantly digging at bra straps, and it means the bra goes to in the goodwill bag. The other flaw is that the straps curl inward vs. Laying flat on my shoulders. Very odd. I've never had a bra that did this before. So the straps are extremely crummy. Which is too bad. Because the cups and band are very comfy and provide nice support. The cups and band are why i'm giving this bra 2 stars vs. 1. I absolutely would not buy this bra again.

Q. Alexia, Kentucky

This is not the bali 3484 bra. My 92 year old mother does not like bras with foam or padding. She has bali 3484 bras purchsed from belk which she loves. Thinking i would save time i ordered these. They are padded and may not not be bali bras as far as i can determine . Do not have the style number on the tag, nor does the tag look like a bali tag, though i know they change the tags. Perhaps i misread the description but i am fairly certain it claimed to be the style she likes, which is a soft cup. Unfortunately i removed the tags and cannot return them. Very disappointed with this purchase which is worthless to my mom.

Y. Julie, Swindon says

Bras pill! they are super comfortable and fit great but after 2 days of wear they are covered in pilling balls/snags. Very unsightly. I own these same bras (bought elsewhere) and they do not pill even after several wears. There is a quality issue and i will not be buying online again.

E. Broyles, Bexley

The bra is soft and comfy, but because the sizing chart didn't really show what size to order if you're a 36d for instance, i ordered an xl. It is loose, but i still can use as a sleep bra. I intended to use this for exercising/yoga. That is not going to happen with the xl. The girls are just swaying from walking. :/. Online store should either update the sizing chart to show what the actual tag says would fit a person, or bali needs to update it. I'm not going to exchange it because i took tags off before realizing the discrepancy. Live and learn.

G. Widmer, Champagne-Ardenne says

Let me preface by saying that i'm a 30g which is a weird size. I was looking for a sports bra i could wear to yoga so i could breathe, but still keep the melons in their produce bag. This bra is ridiculously comfortable. It's basically like wearing a crop-top ribbed tank top. (i ordered a large, btw! ). . When asked if this product fit too small or too large i wanted to write too small in the boobs and too large in the band. So, if you have boobs like me (tiny ribs, big boobs) this product might not work for you. But, if you have the opposite (big ribs, medium to small boobs) this might work better because the band might be more supportive. As it is, i can fit my whole fist under the band, but my boobs are not covered. . For $20 i think it's ok. I think i will keep it as i do think it will be good for yoga. But, think of this as a "lounge around the house" bra, not a "doing anything more strenuous than grocery shopping" bra.

. Meredith, Aquitaine

Very disappointed. I had ordered the same bra 2 weeks earlier and it had padded cups. When i ordered it again in a different color, i thought it would be the same. Wrong! i sent it back the day it arrived. It was no more than a lounging bra with no support like my previous purchase. Buyer beware. What you think you are ordering may not be exactly the same. I will go back to my hanes brand that i can trust. Thank you

R. Kellie, Cambridgeshire says

Should have read reviews more carefully since i'm not the first to complain about receiving a non bali brand item. My item has a tag which reads hanesbrands inc. The quality is not what i expected after reading the great reviews but those reviews were for the correct item which i didn't receive. This item is not $20 worth. Not going to bother to return it as i can still wear it but i am a bit salty over overpaying for this item.

A. Jessica, British Columbia

Well i do hate to wear bras but liked the write up for this one. I was looking for something that didn't have the wire. It looks good in the picture but there is absolutely no support. The material is way too thin and the girls don't want to stay in the cup area and yes i did buy the correct size but the sides should much firmer. The bottom band also rolled up. A very flimsy bra i feel.

Z. Claudia, Languedoc-Roussillon says

Very very meh. When i stretch it to the max, it barely fits me. The moment i start to move, i start squozing out the top and riding up on the bottom. I previously ordered the medium (after reading the reviews here), and returned it for a large. I wear a 38ddd, but there was no size guide for what that might translate to with "easy sizing. " according to the little chart on the tag, a large should accommodate me. But it's still too small. . Also, up and down stairs, flop, flop, flop. If i wanted to flop that much, i'd just go braless. It was under $10, so i'm not bothering to return it again, but for a lounge/pajama bra, i was far, far more satisfied with this one: bali women's double support minimizer bra

S. Sally, Southend-on-Sea

I didn't expect much support from this bra, just comfort. As a 40dd i get a little bounce just from vigorous walking, but i really only intended this for wearing around the house and sleeping. It is very comfortable. The photo implies you'll get some separation , almost like separate cups. For me this bra created a total uniboob effect, no separation whatsoever. All there is in the center is some thicker stitching, and that may create some separation if you're small and perky, but not for me. No lift for me, just some compression. The back scoops low enough to emphasize my back fat, would be a smoother look if cut a bit higher. . So overall, comfortable and about what i expected from a bra that's just 2 layers of stretchy fabric.

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