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Price was 10. I did some water marbling when i was younger, it was great to pick up this kit and try my hand at water marbling at home. I have been using rice paper, but it tears very easily when wet making it harder to work with. I would recommend others (especially beginners) to use a thicker paper like a copperplate paper from a craft/art supply store. (i couldn't find any on online store). Copperplate paper is thicker and sturdier when wet designed to absorb ink, you won't have to worry about it falling apart when transferring to a drying rack.

-W. Kathlene

Boku-undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Perfect For Creating Your Own Gift Wrap, Stationery, Collage, Or Just For Fun. Simply Put Marbling Inks On Water Surface And Transfer Pattern To A Desired Material That Absorbs Water -Aitoh Boku-undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Kit

  1. Additional: Virtually All Materials That Soak Up Water Can Be Marbled With These Inks, Such As Paper, Cloth, And Wood.
  2. Additional: Has Opacity Not Usually Found In Dyes, Allowing For Traditional Color Mixing As With Paints.

Low-End Aitoh Boku-undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Kit (Home Furniture And Decor) 800 Mb

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This is a lot of fun! i used it for a summer camp. Ages 5-12 enjoyed creating masterpieces with this paint. I bought plastic bins from the dollar store put a few inches of water in them. I put a small amount of paint into ice cube trays and had the kids use toothpicks to dip and swirl the colors on the water. We just used regular white construction paper to transfer the designs. There were about 70 kids in the camp and each camper made at least 2 pictures. We still had paint leftover afterwards. One set was more than enough. A really fun and unique art experience! Best bokuundo suminagashi innovation | Aitoh Co-Home Furniture And Decor Review ( Sep 2019 ) Additional Aitoh Boku-Undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Kit Simply drip a few drops of the dyes on water, swirl with utensil, lay desired material on dye, then rinse with water to set. Virtually all materials that soak up water can be marbled with these inks, such as paper, cloth, and wood. Has opacity not usually found in dyes, allowing for traditional color mixing as with paints. Include 6 non-toxic dyes, instructions, and reusable marbling float paper. Recommended for ages 6 and up .

Aitoh boku-undo suminagashi innovation marbling kit Review (800 mb)

Super cool if you can get this to work. I tried multiple times and had limited success. I purchased it wanting to do marbled paper with my students in a classroom with no sink. Had to use distilled water as my tap water didn't work. The little paper circles were the best bet but the package could definitely use more of them and i felt they would be difficult for my students to hit most of the time . Mainly because i had some difficulty and if i can't make something work consistently, i don't want to go there in the classroom. The jury is still out on this one. Great idea but kinda tricky. I got unsized chinese calligraphic ink paper and it worked the best but tore easily so i am still looking for a cost, ease, and time effective solution for using this in the classroom since paper marbeling is truly a wonderful art! -L. Gina

Aitoh Boku Undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling

  • Order: Kitchen
  • Brand: Aitoh
  • Color: Assorted
  • EAN: 4902630215068
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.14 inches
    Length:6.69 inches
    Weight:0.33 pounds
    Width:3.90 inches
  • Manufacturer: AITOH Co., LLC
  • Suggested Min-Age: 36
  • Model: 800-MB
  • MPN: 800-MB
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 800-MB
  • Sub-Type: Art And Craft Supply
  • Size: 6.7 X 3.9 X 1.2 Inches
  • UPC: 499991122981

boku-undo suminagashi innovation marbling Art And Craft Supply, Perfect for creating your own gift wrap, stationery, collage, or just for fun. simply put marbling inks on water surface and transfer pattern to a desired material that absorbs water such as paper, cloth, hide, wood, etc. Aitoh Boku-undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Kit (800-MB-Aitoh).

Aitoh Boku Undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Art And Craft Supply

  • I've only marbled paper with this kit - while this is a nice product for simple marbling, it really cannot do what the old-fashioned, complicated marbling systems did. I bought a book on marbling and was eager to try some of the traditional patterns. You won't have that much control with this kit, which relies on floating bits of paper to keep the inks from sinking down into the water. That said, its fun, easy and fast to do, and yields pretty (although not as controlled) designs. It's a great product to start with before you invest in the tools and chemicals required to do traditional and complex marbling.
  • Product was great. It sucks that it didn't already come with even a few pieces of the mater marbling paper but purchasing the paper shouldn't be too expensive. The quality of the colors were amazing. Warning: don't use it on regular piece of printer paper because the color spreads and blends together and becomes more dull.
  • I like the ease of marbling with this set. Just wish the colors were more vibrant.
  • The first time i use was fine, but later dont keep floating, . I dont know is the temperature affects, because we have some days very heat.
  • Worst product ever! did not do what it said it would. First of all the bottles once opened had ink all over the place. Only one color would spread. Absolute mess!

bokuundo suminagashi innovation Aitoh Boku-Undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Kit (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Used this as a craft project with elementary children but even the adults intrigued. This is simple to do and makes unique designs. Lasts a long time since it doesn't need much to do the marbling. The price is reasonable. Fun to do whatever age. I bought rice paper separately which is best choice for this art form.

Aitoh Boku-undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Kit
Click to see NoticeAitoh Boku-undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Kit (800 mb)"Pretty fun. Everything in the description was included. The instructions are a little unclear, but you'll figure it out. The packaging is good, i can store everything back in the box it came in. . You need the right paper to make your artwork look nice. Regular paper and even heavy cardstock gives undesirable and fuzzy/blurry results. The colors bleed into each other after the paper is out of the water/ink and drying. I didn't like that at all. To get a really clear crisp marble look, i had to use glossy photo paper. If someone has better ideas for me, please let me know. Also, sometimes the colors aren't vibrant. I feel like i have to put a lot of paint on to get a vibrant color. Otherwise its quite pale/pastel looking."

(0) Question: How many colors

(1) Question: Do you need to use it with alum, particularly on silk fabric?

(2) Question: For those that used this for classrooms, how many students did this last for, or about how many pieces of paper were you able to marble?

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Jack Richeson 101038 Paper Soaking/Marbling Tray, Styrene, High Gloss, 23 x 31 Size

Jack richeson paper soaking/marbling tray measuring 23" x 31" is light in weight and is perfect for paper soaking and marbling. Soak your paper right in your work area in this convenient tray.

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Jacquard Marbling Kit Fabric Paper

Jacquard marbling kit contains one 0. 5 oz bottle each of 6 non-toxic marbling colors in red, yellow, blue, green, black and white along with a 5 oz pack of alum mordant and a 2 oz pack of methocel. Kit with assorted marbling colors is ideal for professionals, yet easy enough to use for beginners to create beautiful, unique papers for bookbinding, collage or gift wrapping. This value pack is also included with the complete instructions.

Jacquard Marbling Kit Fabric PaperJacquard-Marbling-Kit-Fabric-Paper

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  • Suited for professionals and beginners alike, the kit includes detailed instructions
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  • Create unique, swirling, multi-colored patterns on fabric or paper, with jacquard's marbling kit
  • Create a multi-colored pattern of paint that floats on the surface of a gel-like medium, then transfer the design to paint or fabric
  • Includes six 1/2-oz bottles of marbling colors (black, blue, green, red, yellow, white), methocel marbling medium, and alum sizing
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100 sheets Japanese Chinese Calligraphy Rice Paper

Pack of 100 sheets calligraphy rice paper* dimension: 9. 5in x 13in * thickness: 2000sheets/5kg* made in japan

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Jacquard Products Jacquard Alum, 1-Pound

Jacquard products-alum. Make your project a success with aluminum sulfate. Alum is a powdered presoak used to treat fabric or for marbling. It ensures that designs transfer clearly to fabric or paper surfaces. Alum is also used with some natural dyes as a mordant. This package contains one pound of aluminum sulfate. Made in usa.

Jacquard Products Jacquard Alum, 1-PoundJacquard-Products-Alum-1-Pound

Brand :    jacquard
Color :    White
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  • Make your project a success with aluminum sulfate
  • Alum is a powdered presoak used to treat fabric or for marbling
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New Water Marbling Paint 12 Colors Tube Set / 12ml Marble kit

Marbling paint 12 colors tube set (12ml)

New Water Marbling Paint 12 Colors Tube Set / 12ml Marble kitWater-Marbling-Paint-Colors-Marble

Brand :    stationery
  • Colors: white / yellow / orange / red / brown / yellow green / viridian / pink / sky blue / violet / cobalt blue / black
  • Water marbling 12 colors tube set
  • Shipping from korea, south. usually, delivery time takes 12 to 18 days.
  • ! shake before to use !
  • Case 5" x 9 "
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JapanBargain Japanese Chinese Calligraphy Practice Rice Paper, 100 sheets

Japanese calligraphy rice paper. Pack of 100. This is a good quality product. Made in the japan. Brand: japanbargain.

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School Smart Plastic Art Trays - 13 x 18 x 1 inches - White

A hi-impact white plastic tray that can be used for mixing colors, block printing or moving small objects from one place to another. Sold individually. Durable plastic is easy to clean and will not rust. Great for mixing and containing paints and other medium. Perfect for carrying and handing out craft materials. Ideal for sorting and counting small items.

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Yasutomo Hosho Paper Sketch Pad, 9 x 12 in, 48 Sheets

Yasutomo hosho paper sketch pad is an ideal student sketch pad. Made from hosho (mulberry) fibers, it is noted for its thickness, strength and resistance to shrinkage. Perfect for sumi-e sketching. Pad measures 9 in x 12 in and has 48 sheets.

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Art Advantage Sumi Brush Set, 3-Piece

Art advantage three piece sumi brush set. 100-percent quality goat hair sumi brushes are versatile and very expressive as a soft brush that can also be used as a drawing tool. The belly holds a lot of ink and comes to a fine point for flowing lines. Set contains small, medium and large sumi brushes with bamboo handles, all nestled in a green brocade box.

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BQLZR Pack of 3 Excellent Chinese Caligraphy Kanji Japanese Sumi Drawing Brush Large,Small,Medium Size

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  • Wooden shaft. great brush for beginners.

Aitoh Boku-undo Suminagashi Innovation Marbling Kit (800 mb) Price : 10, was : 10 as 2018-01-29
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Beautiful product. Use the float paper to keep the ink on the water surface and use a toothpick or the like to swirl the paint. Place cardstock on top of paint and pulll to reveal design. Really simple to use. Easy clean up. I love the fact that you can make multiple prints from one round of paint. Each print is a little bit lighter but still beautiful.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Is there a separate black ink that is compatable with this kit?

(1) Question: Can you use this on thin leather?

(2) Question: What type of cotton fabric yields the best results? do i need to use pfd/rtd fabric or would any broadcloth or muslin work?

(3) Question: Can this be used for coloring eggs in spin an egg

(4) Question: Does this set use alum & methocel. ? is it included?

(5) Question: Does it come with instructions printed in english?

(6) Question: Can i buy replacement black ink (only) for this kit?

(7) Question: I wanto to paint a guitar using the swirl technique. will it work with these inks?

(8) Question: I have ordered this marbling ink kit. how do i dispose of the water/ink solution when i am done? should i add dawn to the solution and pour in drain

(9) Question: Just bought this set and cannot get the ink to stay on top of the water. i watched a video first too! i am an artist used to using varying materials?

(10) Question: Can it for ceramic mugs etc?

(11) Question: Can i use this on silk fabric?

(12) Question: Can it be used on glass

(13) Question: Are the results vivid colors or more pastel colors? i am looking for vivid color results. thanks!

(14) Question: Will this work on aluminum enclosures?

(15) Question: What type paper should i purchase to use the marbling kit?

(16) Question: Do you think this would work on rocks?

(note) Question: where/how to get Aitoh (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Aitoh's products

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I am so excited to teach this technique to my kids, for those who have never used it, do a simple you tube search on marbling. Basically you get a big pan of water, than add a dot of color, than put another color in the middle of that dot and so on. Get construction paper, or something thick, and it absorbs the picture you made in the water! this is so fun, and a kit will last a long time. You could even use this in classrooms. It didn't work well at all with printer paper, but construction paper was good. There is another technique that is included in the box as well, but i haven't learned how to do it. I thought this would be very costly, and was surprised to see if wasn't, so i had to order it. I homeschool my daughter and the bulk of her learning is with arts and crafts. I think we will do this, this week. If so, i'll be sure to take pictures to upload here later. We will do it outside on the carport. I'm not worried about the marbling dye, but the water pan! i'm just going to use a shallow storage bin. I hope this helps

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Best aitoh boku-undo suminagashi innovation marbling kit (800 mb) in review

Super easy to use and fun! looks and feels like food coloring (but it floats on the top of the water like a film). Works on leather and paper. Use lots of ink if you want darker/bold colors. Add more ink after each dip. Easy clean up. Love it! totally worth the price.

B. Kelly, Ile-de-France

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X. Gloria, Portsmouth says

I use this with my high school students. Instead of using the paper circles to float the ink, i use colored pencils. I put the ink into 1oz. Plastic cups, have the students use a colored pencil to dip into the ink, then touch the pencil to the surface of the water. It works just as well, and it makes it easier to ration my colors.

Q. Linda, Stockport

This kit is so lovely and straight forward. I've just started dabbling in marbling and this is incredible meditative and fun. It's so easy to make something that looks lovely and mesmerizing.

R. Terry, Berlin says

We used card stock, not the recommended copper-plate paper. The colors were not as vibrant as i had hoped, so i was initially disappointed. My sister had a water thickener for marbling which we added to fresh warm water and let sit the appropriate number of hours. Wow! the paints really took after that. My sister had done marbling before but i had never done it. She showed me some tricks then i discovered some of my own and now consider myself a pro! i made a nice shade of brown by mixing colors. The red sometimes came out pinkish so i deepened it with a touch of the black. We marbled at least 36 pages and i still have paint left. Would definitely buy again.

. Emma, Plymouth

I had seen some projects with marbling on pinterest and wanted to try my hand without investing too much money. This kit was easy to use and allowed me to experiment with the technique. Just a note- this kit will only work with paper and similar materials. If you want to try and marble on fabric or ceramics you will need other supplies and paint.

E. Kellie, Shropshire says

Works great. I haven't tied to mix colors, but the colors are fairly basic.

F. April, Minnesota

This was a great product! the kids loved it!

M. Elanor, Florida says

Love this product. It last way longer than you would think looking at the little bottles. Kids really enjoy trying this. It gives their work a sense of movement and repetition that they usually can't get in any other way. Clean up is super simple and you only need a very few supplies. Lots of good you tube videos to help learn before you try. Plaice was great too

N. Eleanor, Knowsley

Exactly as pictured. I have not used them yet, but they appear to be fine.

K. Donna, Westminster says

The colors aren't quite as dark as i expected them to be and it's not quite as simple as the video i saw about it, but they are a lot of fun and the grandsons enjoyed making their marbled papers. They are easy enough for a 3 year old to play with, with some assistance, but i wasn't able to get them to make the bullseye pattern that i wanted. So, a little more practice will need to be done. Definitely search the box for the little paper circles - they are critical to the outcome.

O. Beale, Suffolk

You really need to try this kit. , my kids and i had so much fun dying shirts, socks and pants. Just know that only one side looks better than the other, you would have to do the other side separately if you wanted it to look just as vibrant.

. Edith, Cambridgeshire says

This was an amazing kit! i had 50 girl scout brownies (2-3rd grade) and we used one box. I have a ton left over. We kept it conservative at 2 colors per girl and used water color brushes to apply the paint to the water's surface as seen in some youtube videos i had found. They had a blast and each individual image was vibrant and beautiful, completely unique. They had a ton of fun. It was a little tough for the very youngest but every girl made her own cards with little assistance to only a few of them. . Beware of the stain cautions. These do stain. They stained the tables-oops!

J. Anderson, Arizona says

We used this in my science club as part of our lesson in surface tension. One thing we discovered is that the ink sank in the trays where the children touched their water. The oils in their fingers broke the surface tension and their papers captured little to no ink. If, (in my class, anyway) they followed directions and didn't touch their materials until they were told to do so, the inks floated and they got spectacular results. Very fun and very easy to work with.

. Julie, South Carolina

The marbling kits arrived on time (even faster than i expected) packed well and was exactly as advertised. The instructions were clear and the inks easy to handle (shake before use is recommended ). Do not try to reuse the excess ink or return to the container, the company is very proactive in customer satisfaction and i would purchase again .

A. Nees, Southend-on-Sea says

Nice set varied colors, used this brand before, so much fun to create beautiful designs on paper, it can also be used on other products, great youtube video out there for ideas

C. Yvette, West Virginia

I am absolutely in love with this product! i am a preschool teacher and i have used this in my classroom many times. It's gotten so that the children in my class know what suminagashi means. They love watching the colors and patterns form in the water and then watching it form on their paper. I've used regular white construction paper and have had great results. Parents can't believe that their child made such amazing art. I do recommend that the teacher assist the children in dropping the ink in the water and please wear gloves. It can stain hands, but will eventually wash off. The final product makes great gifts for parents! i've gotten so many teachers on board with this great product.

Y. Gilmore, Hawaii says

This is a fun product, but the thin rice paper literally falls apart trying to get it out of the water. You can use regular copy paper, but not quite the same results. Would be a fun project for kids, but it's best to work outside with old clothes. The ink will stain everything it gets on.

T. Monique, New South Wales

I bought this for my husband to use as an introductory to suminigashi. He likes it but we both wish there were more instructions or tips. He has made several pages so far. Also, as a tip to any future buyers, the best paper to use with this is card stock. If you're not sure and don't want to spend a million dollars. The thinner paper falls to pieces too quickly. Otherwise, we like this set but will not likely be buying it again.

D. Fabian, Leicestershire says

I bought this set and got it out last night to make some pretty marbled paper for some greeting cards. It works so easily and really well. The instructions are a little difficult but if you reread them you can figure it out, i think the writer's first language wasn't english, but the product is wonderful and works really nicely. I think it is great for all ages from about 5 up.

U. Rita, Bury

We got this for a homeschool project and it worked beautifully for everyone from pre-k to middle school. Very easy to use.

P. Alexia, Oklahoma says

I watched my instructor use this in class, then tried it. I purchased a set for myself. It really does work, if you follow some simple guidelines. Fill a tray with water (a photo tray or unused kitty pan will be a sufficient size), put one of the paper dots into the water and dunk it, but let it float afterward (they are special and included in the kit and reusable), select any color of paint and holding over the paper dot let the paint drip onto the dot of paper (the paper will move), repeat this for other colors, when done adding colors, remove the paper dot, then lightly swirl the colors that are now floating on top of the water, using air or a tooth pick, then take a piece of paper (construction works well) and lay it onto the top of the water, then remove it, you can do about two pieces of paper, then you have to repeat the process all over again. Enjoy!

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

U. Alexia, Hartlepool says

You definitely need to read the directions explicitly online to use this product properly, otherwise, it's a fun and easy craft that you can get really creative with!

J. Suzanne, Arizona

Several of the inks do not float on the water as demonstrated by person recommending. Did not come out as brightly colored as advertised. Most pictures that came out at all were very pastel. Poor instructions included.

Y. Widmer, Alsace says

Rarely do i like to write a negative. Let me start by saying-i watched the blick video on this product and it looked so simple and easy. On the video the colors were strong and bright. Bought it. Then i tried it. No luck. Used treated paper, distilled water. Nothing worked for me. I got faded out pieces that i was totally unhappy with. I have experimented with all types. Of painting materials, inks, acrylics, oils, enamel-but no failures like this. So for me, this new experience in "marbling" was a huge disappointment. I'll try other products to get the effect i thought the video was promising. For this kit-i suggest you not bother to waste your time or cash.

H. Sandra, Tennessee

There is an instruction sheet included but i am having trouble floating the inks. Since this is a kit from japan, i am unable to find any information on what i need to do. Wish i could make it work.

P. Ross, Ealing says

I bought 3 of these sets over the past year, the last of which arrived a few days ago. The first two sets were ok. Nothing spectacular, but decent. The inks in the last set are totally unacceptable! they are dull and fuzzy and very unattractive. Plus, most of the ink washes off in the rinsing phase! i hope this is a fluke and the formula hasn't been changed! if it has, be aware these are now inferior inks, and a total waste of money! btw, i changed nothing. Not techniques, nor supplies. Between the current ink set and the previous ones.

K. Michele, Bradford

Tiny little packet with hardly any instructions or product. Also i had to add other items to make it really work. Not impressed.

V. Guest, Kentucky says

Colors and directions weren't so good

A. Matherly, South Dakota

The colors are pastel and pale. If you are looking for vibrant don't buy this product. Otherwise if you are ok with pale then it is a good solid ink set.

Z. Carolyn, North East Lincolnshire says

I could not get these marbling paints to work, maybe i didnt' have the right paper? cool idea, i know some people have made great art with these. But this japanese kit comes with no instructions. In english anyway.

D. Florence, Camden

It was messy and did not work. The paint sank to the bottom of the container like other regular paints that so not claim to be specially mixed so they float.

M. Anonymous, South Australia says

Did not like. The paints just sank to the bottom. No effect, we did not wait. It's a shame. The children waited so.

E. Wanda, Colorado

After watching several videos on these inks i thought i would give them a try. It is very much harder to achieve a satisfaactory piece than they would lead you to believe. The colors are also not at all vibrant and the color palette is very limited. Mixing doesn't really achieve the colors you would like and when you do mix it seems to affect the floating result of the inks. Overall, these could be fine for kids to play with, but not viable for a serious paper artist.

W. Allen, Worcestershire says

Not particularly good results, even when carefully following directions.

N. Clara, Arkansas

I couldn't find the paper to make it work correctly. I was very disappointed. Can you recommend the proper paper? i've asked around and so far i haven't any answers.

O. Judith, Bayern says

I feel like i need the thickening agent for the water, very pastel type colors not very vibrant. Fun for first time learning. But learn the method by watching a video to get the most from this and to find out all the different ways to do this. Still hoping to get a nice result worth saving. I will purchase the proper paper that could really make a difference in my results since some paper has a coating that resists the ink.

C. Brenda, Darlington

Disappointing. There is so much more to know. This kit is just ink but the paper you use is a big part of the project. All my granddaughter and my pieces came out very pale. The process is fun but the end product is not.

X. Wayt, Sunderland says

The colors are very light and hard to see. But i did brighten it up by scanning on my computer and adjusting the filters on the photo. It was easy to do and i had fun making different patterns. I'm a graphic designer and love using mixed media with digital art.

Q. Candy, Picardie

Super hard to achieve results. You have to find the exact paper or it won't work

I. Theresa, Suffolk says

I don't know what i am doing wrong but the colors are just not as intense as they make them on the pictures/videos. Not sure if its me or the paint

S. Shayna, Georgia

This was for a group project and it worked well at home but when i tried it for the group, it would not work. I'm not sure what happened but the colors did not form any patterns. Just turned the rice paper a solid color. My kids and i did enjoy using it at home and havenot tried it since.

G. Gina, City of Kingston upon Hull says

Haven't used the product yet because the directions are not in english.

L. Claudia, Tower Hamlets

Could not finds the correct paper even at a hobby shop so kids were disappointed they could not save their artwork.

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